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February 02, 2018

Q & A three

Q: How does the custom process work?
A: This one has a four part answer, so scroll to the part that best describes
what you're looking for...please note that most custom projects require a
4 week lead time. 
Custom notecards: Our cards are printed in bulk, so there's a 50 card
minimum on custom orders on top of a custom artwork fee. Our custom
notecards are priced per set of 10.
Custom invitations: Once again, we can definitely print as many or as
few invitations as you need, but the pricing differs depending on the
quantity. Our custom invitations are priced individually and a custom
artwork fee will also be applied. 
Custom prints: Whether it's an illustration for your home/ office or a print
of your bestie in her wedding attire, we can definitely accommodate you!
Our custom prints are 8x10 in size and are priced based on the number
of figures we include and if we include any background elements or 
additional details. 
Custom brand images: This is something we no longer offer as a custom
option. If you're looking for something to use in your branding, on social
media and in your marketing materials, we're not the ones for you :(
It's a new push to keep our signature style unique to our brand, so our
apologies for turning you down if it's a branding request. 

Products that are not available for custom orders: Luggage tags, 
notepads, folded greeting cards, planners, stickers, and cups are a 50/50 
(we can do it, but you have to order about 500 cups)
Shirts: I had the privilege of collaborating with Giuliana Rancic on a few
batches of shirts that were available exclusively on HSN. They are all, 
sadly, sold out and no longer available. We are working on something
special under our own umbrella for later this year, so stay tuned! 
If you have any questions about a custom project you have in mind, please
don't hesitate to reach out! Every project is different and unique in its own
way, so further discussion is always welcomed. Email me!

September 15, 2017

Assistance League of Nashville

It was an honor working with the Assistance League of Nashville on this event invitation. I'll be heading that way shortly for a fun lunch with the ladies! Happy weekend! 

July 11, 2017

Courtney + Rett

An "I Do BBQ" is an easy and festive couple's shower theme, one that you can dress up or down. On the casual side, think red & white linens, backyard games like giant Jenga and corn hole, mason jars, etc. For a dressier approach, use southern-inspired displays like mason jars, but fill them with a more formal bouquet as opposed to sunflowers. Whichever approach you take, it's sure to be a hit! Be sure to pick up these themed wet wipes for a more personal touch (if ribs are served, consider them a must). 
I was thrilled to create a custom invitation for a dear friend for her "I Do BBQ". 
Email to inquire about a custom design. 

October 06, 2016

Wedding Invitations: DeCario

When requests come in for custom wedding invitations, the answer is almost always no. This request felt different, though. She wasn't wanting all the extra envelopes and enclosure cards (reply cards, directions and maps, etc.). We were on the same page in terms of keeping it simple and playful. This sassy bride and groom went
for a light-hearted approach that I love. Wishing these two nothing but the best as their big day approaches!! I can't wait to see pictures! 

October 05, 2016

Bridal Shower Invitations: O'Toole

Because you need more than one bridal shower, right? 
This was a fun project to work on for a DC-based bride that lives a stones-throw away from the Capitol and works on the Hill. She's wearing her something blue for her bridal shower and carrying her favorite handbag while posing in front of her centrally located townhouse. 
Best wishes to this bride who's wedding day is quickly approaching! 

October 04, 2016

Bridal Shower Invitations: Ginny Brown

Sometimes, I have the privilege of illustrating people I know. When that happens, it takes longer, but it's fun bringing their personalities to life through an illustration. This was for a family friend who was recently married in Nashville. Every detail was planned and executed perfectly. I loved working with her family on this one as a special surprise for her! 

October 03, 2016

Save the Date: Arelis

Nothing thrills me more than working with a newly engaged couple on custom Save the Dates. You can feel the excitement coming through their emails and their eagerness to send them out as soon as possible. Save the Dates have become just as important (and time-sensitive) as the wedding invitations themselves. With our never ending busy schedules, it's important to get both out in a timely manner. 
This project was a joy to work on. The Miami-based bride wanted to include snippets of the Miami skyline, but we also wanted to throw in a nod to the ceremony location. Best wishes for this future Mr. & Mrs!! 

July 21, 2016


Straight out of the archives, this is an oldie but a goodie.  A custom bridesmaids luncheon invitation to celebrate before the big day! 

July 19, 2016


A cute custom baby shower invitation for the animal-loving mom-to-be. 

July 12, 2016

Waiting on Woo

I've been eagerly awaiting the day I could share this special project with you guys, but how do I even begin? I'm going to be an aunt in about 5 days!  It's a long story, so I'll let my crazy talented sis-in-law tell the story in her beautifully written words (a gift I did NOT get, hence the typically short-on-words blog posts). She recently started a blog, The Story of Willa James, to document their journey from the beginning. She tells the tales of how her name came about to the ins and outs of the nursery.
I promise you don't want to miss a beat. It's an incredible story, but I'm obviously a bit partial. I canNOT wait to get my hands on little Willa at the end of July when they return home.  We've known God had a perfect plan for them all along, and to see it unfold over the past few years has truly been something special. This exact time last year (almost to the date), I hopped on a plane to China for a mission trip with my church because the possibility of Willa was getting more real.
We knew she was coming eventually, but we hadn't seen a picture. We didn't know when she would be here, but we knew she was out there, so we waited. Hence, the # was started #waitingonwoo (again, props to my SIL for the creative lingo). Given the opportunity, I knew I wanted to see Willa's world. I wanted to experience just a taste of what life in China was like. It really is unbelievable the way God works as they will be in China the same dates I was there, exactly a year apart. What will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up is that Willa's province is a stone's throwaway from where I was. So close, yet we had no idea. 
Disclaimer, this is not my child. I'm simply an adoring aunt, but it's the beginning of such an exciting chapter in our lives. We're pretty excited if you can't tell. While I was exploring China last year, I couldn't help myself and started buying all the things.  Literally every touristy thing you can thing of, I bought for little Willa. I mean, if she's coming from China she obviously needs a mini tea set, right? And a stereotypical Chinese dress. And little booties with dragons on them. I mean, she needs this stuff, right? Not really, but they have made cute additions to her nursery (again, more details on the
nursery here). 
If you've made it this far, here's where we tie it all together with a pretty little bow...
I guess I left out the part where back in April, they got the call. THE call. THE pictures. Willa was coming this summer. We. Were. Ecstatic. And all cried. A lot. 
When the discussions started for her "toddler shower", my wheels started turning for the invites. How in the world was I going to capture something so special in an illustration? I felt highly unqualified, but the nursery was coming along, so I turned
there for inspiration. 
So, here it is! One of my favorite projects to date (for obvious reasons)...
But then, what about a shower gift? Oh my. 
I decided to start Willa in my line of work at an early age, so I created a custom coloring book just for her. Because, let's face it, we'll do anything for Woo. Here's to hoping she's a child prodigy in the arts. 
Since, I'm not as tech-savvy as I should be, you'll have to switch to instagram to see a video of the entire coloring book filled with snippets of her life that was and is to come. 
The "Toddler Shower" was this past weekend and I can't even begin to tell you how perfect it was. With a handful of hosts, it was a team effort with no detail overlooked including a custom gift list (not my idea, but I was happy to create it). You'll also notice the table runners hand-made by my cousin with words in Willa's native tongue. 
I also have to give major props to my mom for designing and my dad for making Willa a picnic table that's just her size! How great is the mini umbrella? 
It's from World Market
Join me in praying for my brother and sister-in-law as they board a plane tomorrow to get sweet little Willa. We can't wait to meet her! 

June 24, 2016


Reviving an older illustration that was originally created for my sister-in-law. It seemed to fit the mold perfectly for this couple, too! 

June 23, 2016

Jessica + Robin

Designing bridal invitations for two of your high school friends in the same month definitely makes me feel old (and nostalgic), but I was thrilled to be a part of the process! Congrats to these two! 

June 21, 2016

Ladies Pool Day

Even at 32, sometimes you have to leave the kids at home for an adult pool party! Happy Birthday, Nicole! I'm thrilled to not only have her as a loyal client, but she enjoys my (sometimes) hard-to-read handwriting. 

June 20, 2016

Jane Rebecca

A unique graduation announcement for the ballerina nicknamed "Pistol" with a heart for all things southern despite her current residence in the midwest. 

June 13, 2016

Jordan M.

I'm thrilled to share one of the most unique graduation invitations I've done! You'll notice that the party was in Orlando this past Saturday. With a heavy heart, I'm sending my congrats to this lovely grad and my prayers and well wishes to those affected by the incident on Saturday evening and to those in the Orlando area. 

May 30, 2016

Graduation 2016

Memorial Day officially marks the day I graduated from high school 11 years ago (eek!). Whether you're graduating from high school or college, let me say CONGRATS! 

May 16, 2016

30th Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday to this lovely client! We wanted to include everything from her favorite champagne to her beloved pooch. She's dressed to the nines, of course, so matching notecards were a must.
Happy Birthday! 

April 19, 2016

Iroquois Steeplechase

Each year, I proudly partner with the team at Steeplechase to create an invitation for their pre-race-day luncheon. I've been doing it for a few years now and always look forward to creating a design highlighting their child ambassador for the event. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the event, and I can't wait to attend in May. 

March 23, 2016

Betsy Lara

A custom graduation invitation for the fashionable nursing student...

March 18, 2016


When one marries a firefighting lieutenant, attention to detail must be paid. I love this surprise wedding announcement we did for this lovely lady and her husband. 

March 14, 2016


First comes pup, then comes baby. I loved working on this custom invitation for this mom-to-be...

January 25, 2016


A custom bridal illustration that we ended up using as an invitation, too.

January 21, 2016

Emma + Wells

When your besties have babies, you obviously sign up to do the invitations.