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April 22, 2019

Chrystal pt. 3

I love working with repeat clients. I've had the pleasure of celebrating several of Chrystal's moves and career changes over the past few years. Join me in congratulating her on her new venture as the owner of an AR Workshop! We worked together to create custom notecards for this DIY queen.
Brittany Fuson, custom illustration, AR Workshop, DIY

April 01, 2019

Easter Table

Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
Easter is a mere two weeks away and I couldn't help but set a festive table filled with punchy colors, fresh flowers, and of course, candy. Tulips are a great option for this time of year, but don't buy them too far in advance as they don't live long. I love sticking just a few accent colors and incorporating them into every aspect of the decor. 
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
We used the bandanas as napkins draping them over the side of the table, but also love them rolled in the plate like the first picture. The table runner is a great anchor for the table layered with a palm placemat (from Hester & Cook). We tried the plate several different ways swapping out the yellow DIY chicks with gold eggs, neutral grass and the Easter candy hero: Reese's eggs. 
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas
Easter table, Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, bandanas

March 27, 2018

Restock Alert

The playing cards are restocked! Get them while you can! 

March 23, 2018

Easter 2018

The Easter bunny hops into town in a week! Do you have your
basket supplies ready? I couldn't think of a more festive way to get ready for the sweetest holiday than to personalize a basket the BFP way. I stumbled upon a perfectly miniature basket at Publix while grocery shopping, then ran to Target to get fillers and the rest fell into place. Whether you stuff baskets with candy or festive goods, throw in some BFP products to make it even more special! 


August 25, 2017

Popping the Question

So you're engaged, now what? Where do you even begin with the wedding planning process? Well, I think it would be wise to start by ordering the BFP wedding planner to help you keep your thoughts, to do lists and budget in check. From there, most brides jump in head first and get the bridal party in line. So, how do you ask your besties to play a part in your big day? 
Make it short and sweet, but oh so special. There's been a huge trend in 
putting together a special box of goodies to pop the question to your maids. 
We've put together a few ideas of how to execute this important ask, all
centering around the most important part, the "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" card. We also have something for the Maid and Matron of Honor. If you want to keep it more generic, stick with the "Stand By Me" version (also available in bridesmaid, maid of honor, and matron of honor). If the card isn't enough, try using one of our Winks. Tie it on the outside of a cute bag or around a bottle of champagne (available in bridesmaid, maid of honor, and matron of honor). There's also something for the flower girl. No matter how you pop the question, the answer is sure to be a major YES! 

tin box  |  Bridesmaid card  |  paper confetti  |  twine purchased from Home Depot

July 17, 2017

Beauty Cleaning Mat

Did you know that early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started? Of course you did... everybody is talking (and posting) about it. While I cut my Nordies card to shreds opting for travel points from Southwest, I can still preview the sale and get my cart ready for July 21st when the sale opens to non-cardholders. 
One of the items I found on the sale is an absolute must. I purchased a 
Sigma cleaning mat last year and have since become obsessed. Keeping my makeup brushes clean is something I often overlook, but this mat is the easiest way to keep them clean and to keep your skin happy. The NSale exclusive includes a sample of the cleaning shampoo, so just add it to your cart and call it a day. You (and your skin) can thank me later! 

March 16, 2017


Who's gearing up for Spring DIY projects?? Not me. I will always have the utmost admiration for those of you who have the patience to tackle projects around the house instead of hiring someone else to do them. This one is for you, my DIYers...

December 19, 2016

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

You absolutely cannot beat a cup of peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas time. It's so seasonal, it keeps you warm on those chilly nights, and is even better when sipped by the fireside (and Christmas tree). Williams Sonoma has the best. Bonus points if you sip it out of a brand new BFP cup (get one here before they sell out)!

Consider this my auto-reply... social media might make it appear like I'm working around the clock, but today marks my last day in the office until 2017! I'm stepping away to spend time with family doing Christmas things. I hope you do the same! 

December 09, 2016

2 Easy Holiday Cocktails

'Tis the season for eating, drinking and being merry!
Today we're bringing you two of the easiest cocktails that will surely make a splash with your guests. Whether you're the host or simply being a gracious guest by not showing up empty handed, these are two cocktails you'll want to have in your arsenal. Seriously, they're are so easy (translation: they take about 5 minutes to throw together and have about 4 ingredients total). They pass the taste test, the time test, and most importantly, the short list of ingredientstest. I have been wanting an excuse to use my fresh rosemary plant, and both of these cocktails called for a garnish of rosemary!
I came across the first one while flipping through the Favorite Things issue of the O Mag. Oprah always seems to kill it at all things Christmas, let's be serious. The only thing that takes a little planning is freezing ice cubes in advance. They are what takes this one to the ultra fancy (looking) Christmas punch level. I halfed the recipe below to simply make one pitcher full.
pitcher: World Market  |  champagne flutes: World Market  |  tray: West Elm  |  "Eloise" notecards
2 bottles Prosecco (chilled)
3 C white cranberry juice (or white grape juice)
20 drops Angostura bitters
1 C fresh cranberries
Rosemary sprigs (for garnish)
In each section of a large ice cube tray, place a few cranberries and a cluster of rosemary leaves. 
Fill with water and freeze about 6 hours or overnight. In a punch bowl, combine Prosecco, juice, 
and bitters. Add prepared ice cubes and additional fresh cranberries to bowl just before guests arrive, and serve.

(recipe source)
The next one popped up on my instagram feed as a sponsored ad and instantly grabbed my attention. It screams cold weather with hints of maple syrup, a splash of something sweet in the grapefruit juice and a Christmasy touch of rosemary as a finishing touch. 
wine glasses: Pier 1  |  "Mays" notecards  |  all photos: Catherine Truman Photography
4 parts Vodka (Grey Goose)
1 part organic maple syrup
5 parts freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 pinch of sale
1 sprig of rosemary
Add the maple syrup, a pinch of salt, and a sprig of rosemary to a glass. Mash
the rosemary to combine the flavors. Top with the vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. 
Serve over ice.
Cheers to the holiday season! 

October 24, 2016


The easiest way to get away without dressing up is to wear something where face-paint can be applied or a simple accessory can be added and you can  call it a costume. In this situation, wear a batwing sweater, grab some bat ears at your  local costume shop and call it a day. My kind of costume....

October 21, 2016

DIY Circus Performer Halloween Costumes

While I've never been an avid fan of Halloween, there is one thing I look forward to each year and that is to see what crafty DIY costume Lauren Conrad & co. will come up with. This year did not disappoint... she created easy circus performer costumes that can even be done by the non DIYer. See her full tutorial here. She manages to create costumes that are cute, non-scandalous and always have a touch of the latest trends (notice the velvet 
bodysuit on LC herself). She's the Halloween DIY costume queen.