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September 05, 2017


With the recent world events, attacks, natural disasters and the like, 
it's left me completely stuck. It feels completely insensitive to continue 
pushing and selling product even though I know we have to keep moving 
forward. I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know how to make an 
impact. I want to help. But how?
As outsiders, we're all watching the news coverage and having the same 
feelings of helplessness. We're eager to jump in and looking for opportunities to 
help the people of Texas but aren't sure where to begin. The damage has been 
done, but the cleanup has just begun. This will be an ongoing effort to rebuild 
that will last months if not years. While we can't all be on the ground aiding in the 
recovery efforts, we can help by donating tangible items, time and financial 
In an effort to do as much as I can from Nashville, I've decided to donate 100% 
of the proceeds from online sales on September 5th to various organizations 
benefitting Harvey relief efforts. I need your help! Let's see how much money we 
can raise for those who lost everything.

I encourage you to shop your generous little hearts out! Knock out your 
Christmas shopping early. Grab happies for your besties. Think ahead to 
upcoming birthdays where you might need a small gift to give (don't forget about 
the hostess gifts you'll need for upcoming holiday gatherings and teacher's 
Christmas gifts). Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. And rest assured, 
with every purchase you're making a difference! 

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the newest greeting card that highlights one of this 
year's biggest trends in interiors (the hanging chair). Meet, Rattan. Pick one up for a 
friend that's going through a tough time or simply as a way to say I miss you! To the 
people of Texas, we're thinking about you!