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June 06, 2019


A straw visor, do or don't? Hear me out...
I was recently at the beach (30A to be exact) and there was a super fashionable older lady who had the chicest hat on. I asked her where I could find one to which she replied that she purchased it at a golf tournament. Now, the hat wasn't a visor... it was as if a baseball hat and a conductor hat combined to form this fabulous hat. It was straw/rattan and I started googling immediately trying to find one to no avail. I have literally googled every variation of hat I could think of still coming up empty handed. The closest thing I could find was a straw visor, which is why we are here. What do we think of straw visors for summer? I think they can be chic when worn properly, but I'm open to your thoughts before purchasing. I'm listing some options below... see what you think! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer, slides, tumblers, straw

May 10, 2018

Derby Hats

May is my absolute favorite month of the year. The weather isn't
smolderingly hot yet, the bugs aren't swarming around, there are so many fun gatherings, and it's the month of my birthday... so much to celebrate! Not to mention how gorgeously green everything is right now before it starts drying out over the summer. This month is only sweetened by fun horse racing events where hats are a must, and this year, the Royal Wedding where a great headpiece is what makes the outfit. Counting down the days to May 19th!