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August 13, 2019

22 Random Acts

With the recent events in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH I was inspired and encouraged to follow the precedent set by an 11 yr. old boy by doing 22 random acts of kindness honoring the 22 victims. You can read more about the El Paso challenge here. We took the challenge to instagram asking for feedback on ideas of how to be kind to one another. The list of ideas provided by you was too good not to share. Hopefully it will encourage us to keep putting others before ourselves and to spread kindness. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, orchid, thinking of you
22 random acts of kindness: a list of ideas to get your wheels turning...
1) foster an animal from a local shelter
2) help an elderly person put groceries in the car
3) anonymously paying for the tab of someone else's meal
4) help a mother who has her hands full in the store
5) pay for the someone's coffee in the Starbuck's line
6) smile at people
7) say hi / good morning to strangers 
8) bringing coffee / treats to coworkers
9) going to a local park and giving the kids freeze-pops on a hot day
10) covering the tip of someone else's bill
11) helping a local school with teacher's gifts
12) buying someone in need a meal instead of handing over cash
13) send a thoughtful note
14) give a hug
15) pay for someone's gas 
16) taking old baby clothes (diapers, wipes, creams) to a local shelter
17) donating old clothes to a hospital
18) write a kind message on the sidewalk in chalk
19) give a stranger a compliment
20) donate old towels, sheets to a local shelter
21) babysit for a new mom that needs a break
22) let someone know you're thinking about them and that they matter :)
Pay it forward!