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March 07, 2018


Spring is a few days away and one thing I can't wait to live in
is the color lavender. Not only does the color evoke a sense of calmness, the plant itself has the sweetest (and most relaxing) scent. It makes a nice contrast to colors like a punchy red (like these booties) or a deep emerald green (like this bag). Better yet, go for a mono- chromatic look (which is also a huge trend this season, use this runway look as inspiration). See some of my favorite pieces below. Just do us all a favor and do not do the lavender nails with a head to toe lavender look... it's just too much. 


March 01, 2018


How is it already March? Has this year flown by for anyone else?
I need it to slow down just a little... As I complain, March is giving me major planting/gardening vibes. I grew herbs like basil, mint and rosemary on my patio last year and can't wait to replant them. I'm also considering giving a lemon tree a go. Any tips for keeping one alive?
In the meantime, until we have steady warm temperatures, I'll be living
vicariously through our March girl. She makes watering plants oh so chic
in her Gucci loafers and statement earrings. Typical gardening attire, no?
Statement earrings aren't losing any steam, so consider picking up a pair
from my list:
As we begin to usher in spring, we marked down our planners even more!