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November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family the happiest Thanksgiving! We're stepping away for the remainder of the week to spend with family and hope that you can do the same. Eat plenty of turkey and be sure to check back Monday for a special Cyber Monday deal! 

November 17, 2017

Gobble Gobble

The weekend is here! It's always a busy one making the final
preparations for Thanksgiving, getting your grocery shopping done early, outfit planning, etc. (and packing for those that have to travel). Wherever your holiday travels take you whether near or far, have a safe weekend! Check back next week as we switch to holiday mode...

November 16, 2017

Be a Gracious Guest

yesterday. Today, let's go over a little bit of etiquette. First things first, do not show up empty handed if you're over the age of 22. If you're in high school or home from college, you get a pass on this one. Anyone out of college and living on their own should have the good graces to bring something. Anything will do. You can buy it. You don't have to make it from scratch. 
But by all means, bring something. Secondly, if you're going to a friendly gathering, a distant relative's house, or trying to make a great first impression on your significant other's family, bring a hostess gift. This should be a given, but it is so commonly overlooked. Pick up a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers, grab a candle at a local gift shop, or pick out a nice bottle of wine. But, again, don't show up without something for the host(s). 
Lastly, the things that should be unspoken but we might need a  friendly reminder of as we enter into the holiday season: don't be that guest that's over served. Take it slow. Thanksgiving especially is a long day. You have to make it to dinner time. Don't be on your phone the whole time. Be present. And most importantly, be comfortable! When you wear something that you're not comfortable in you will most likely be fidgety the entire time. 
You got this!

November 15, 2017

What to Wear... to Thanksgiving

The countdown is on... while the day after Halloween is usually the kick
off for Christmas in my family, we have one holiday getting in the way.
Thanksgiving is one week away! The question remains (and is a stresser
every year), what to wear?? You want to be comfortable while you indulge
in absolutely everything you avoid every other day of the year. It's a day of
good food and good family time, so what's the happy medium of looking
cute while still being able to participate should a backyard flag football game be proposed? In my family, we keep it casual. I stick to some sort of jeans and a trendy sweater combo. Throw on boots, booties or a statement flat and call it a day. Thank goodness looser jeans are in this season... that second piece of pecan pie is definitely happening. Remember, a family photo is definitely going to happen, so don't wear something you'll already regret next year. 
sweater: ASOS  |  jeans: Levi's  |  flats: SheIn