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Beatrice Bex

Posted by Brittany Fuson on

Leading up to the big day Saturday, let's talk about the guest list.
While we don't know exactly who is invited, we can assume these
two will be in attendance again. Victoria Beckham's navy blue 
ensemble made me gasp at William & Kate's wedding. So simple.
So chic. So her. Princess Beatrice, on the other hand, stepped out
in something more eye-catching for good or bad reasons. My initial
reaction was something along the lines of that's interesting mixed 
with a little bit of what was she thinking. However, over the course
of the two hour wedding, I found my eyes going straight to her. I
became more and more obsessed to the point where, other than Pippa,
Princess Beatrice's look was my favorite. 

Who are you most excited to see on Saturday? While the invitation
clearly states that the attire is "Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge
Suit", there are sure to be some statement headpieces. 

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