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April 01, 2016

Book Club: March in review, pt. 1

#GIRLBOSSes unite
Ok, so while I don't agree with everything in #GIRLBOSS, it certainly lit a fire in me that usually burns out every year around Christmas (end of the year, Q4, taxes, you can all relate to the burnout I'm talking about). Buy this one, don't borrow it, and re-read it every time you feel a slight sense of self-doubt.

Here's what I liked about the book:
It truly did light a fire in me. As an entrepreneur that started her business at approximately the same time as Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal, the journey has often been long. I love her honesty about the trials and tribulations of not only starting a business, but of life itself. The hilarious tales of her past mixed with encouraging words about her present make it truly inspiring and encouraging - encouraging to know that the things we question in ourselves, the things that make us truly unique are what can make you (or your brand) stand out. Even if you have no aspirations of ever starting your own business, read it. It's a quick, easy read that I guarantee you'll plow through in a few days. You won't regret it! From one #GIRLBOSS to the next, you do you and I'll do me (my new personal mantra). If you liked #GIRLBOSS (and might still be searching for work-place motivation), try reading:
Juggling Elephants  |  The 4 Hour Work Week

Currently accepting recommendations for our April read... leave comments below! 

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