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October 29, 2018


You know how there are people that love Halloween so much who decorate to the nines, have the perfect costume (every year) etc. etc? Yea, I'm not one of those people.
In my opinion Halloween gets in the way of Christmas. I think it's fun to see what people can create and come up with in terms of costumes. I love having a warm bowl of chili and watching the trick-or-treaters come by for candy. I love actually having the festive candy in the house (and sneaking a piece or 5 here and there). I love everything festive about it. I just don't get into it as much as other people do. All that to say, I already have my Christmas music going and am counting down the minutes until we can launch our new Christmas Collection on Thursday, Nov. 1st. Mark your calendars. It's going to be good!
Brittany Fuson, t rex, dinosaurs, museum, fashion illustration, October, Halloween

October 24, 2018

Giddy Up

At this point, I think it's pretty clear that western wear is a huge trend for fall. Get the look with an updated cowboy boot like one of these:
or try adding a western belt or something with fringe like this bag
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, western wear, fall trends, cowboy boots

October 17, 2018


Nothing screams fall more than a buffalo plaid cape and a hot cup of coffee. Bonus points if you add an over-the-knee boot and fringe details.
plaid, cape, buffalo plaid, fall, fall style, fashion illustration, Brittany Fuson

October 01, 2018

The Fall Collection

fall collection, new arrivals, Brittany Fuson, luggage tags

The candy corn is on store shelves, the pumpkin patches are fully stocked, PSLs are back on the menu... it can only mean one thing: fall has arrived and our new fall collection is here to celebrate the occasion. We have notecards to match your fall Orca tumbler, new luggage tags to accessorize your suitcase, a new notepad to dress up your desk and two new greeting cards that will brighten any birthday! 
fall collection, new arrivals, Brittany Fuson, cups, Orca tumbler
fall collection, new arrivals, Brittany Fuson, notepads, file folders
fall collection, new arrivals, Brittany Fuson, notecards
fall collection, new arrivals, Brittany Fuson, greeting cards

September 05, 2018


Dear Fall, we're ready for you! Take your time, but we would all love some cooler temperatures as soon as you're ready! 

August 17, 2018

Fall Shoes

When looking at the emerging trends, one thing is certain: leopard is making a huge splash this fall. Add a fun leopard shoe to any look and you're instantly transformed into a street style star!

August 15, 2018


When it's time to start coming up with designs for a new collection  or season, I like to call the creative process conceptualizing. For the past month or so, I have been knee-deep in "conceptual mode" brainstorming and sketching new ideas and products. When planning for the future, it's always fun  to look back to older designs that were widely popular, this one being one that fits into the best seller category. I've been analyzing it for a few days trying
to figure out what makes this particular illustration so special. Is it the monochromatic color scheme, the recognizable storefront, or something you can't quite put your finger on? I'd love to hear your feedback about this design and what you would love to see more of in the future! 

July 20, 2018

RZ Leopard

Throwing it back to 2011 with this illustration. It showcases a dress from one of Rachel Zoe's first collections. A little leopard never hurt anybody, did it? It's a classic pattern that, when done the right way, can be incredibly chic. I'm sure you've heard that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale opens to the public today. Keeping that in mind, there is a pair of leopard flats in the sale that would be great year-round, but also the perfect pop of patter for fall. Shop them before they sell out! I think they would be RZ approved.

January 05, 2018


While we're experiencing colder than normal temperatures in
the south, I'm still wishing for snow despite the miserable conditions in the Northeast. To everyone affected by the recent winter storm: stay safe and warm!  I love this ideal scene of a fall day in New York. This was a custom project for a mom-to-be expecting twin boys. Warmer weather is just around the corner! 

October 31, 2017


Happy Halloween! 

October 30, 2017


Wearing orange in preparation for tomorrow! Halloween is usually 
a holiday that gets in the way of Christmas if you ask me. However, I love seeing the costumes that people come up with. With a planned Holiday launch on 11/1, I will be keeping it low key this year eating some yummy soup, maybe stealing a piece (or 5) of candy, and gearing up for the launch of what is turning out to be my favorite Holiday collection so far! Stay tuned...
Grab your fall favorite-prints here before they are replaced with our winter girls. 

October 20, 2017


It's Friday. It's fall. It's football season. And it's almost five o'clock. I'll take mine shaken not stirred, please...

October 16, 2017

Pom Pom

Leave it to Tibi to create the most perfect, jaw-dropping sweater. I mean.... can I have all the pom poms this season? I'm also ordering these slides because, well, why not? Pairing this sweater with an updated pair of jeans and a mustard bag + shoes makes it the most swoon-worthy outfit for fall. 

October 13, 2017

The Mustard Color, pt. 2

More on mustard...
It makes the perfect accent against this all white outfit. I love a graphic tee under a more tailored jacket like this one by Victoria Beckham. Mix it up even more by adding sneakers instead of a heel. The yellow bag completed this look. Happy Friday! 

October 12, 2017

The Mustard Color, pt. 1

This golden hue has been making as much of a splash as red this season. I've been seeing it in rich textures like velvet and suede making it reminiscent of a 70s couch. Can't you see it up against that horrible green carpet? Oh my. Regardless of how we got here or why this color is reemerging, it can be classic and understated when done properly. It pairs well with camel, black, white, denim, maybe a punch of red (like a red
lip), and cobalt. I fell in love with this velvet tank from J.Crew. I can see it worn so many different ways. This look carries into those cooler nights by throwing a black leather moto jacket over your shoulders. And, obviously, the white boots are a must! This pair won't break the bank, so they're a good buy for a trendy piece. If velvet isn't your thing, see below for some other solid sweater choices for a touch of mustard this season:

October 05, 2017

The Color Red, pt. 3

Today, let's talk about the red bag. It's absolutely the easiest way to add a pop of red to your wardrobe. It pairs well with pretty much any outfit. It's a classic believe it or not. You can spend a little bit and keep it for years on end. And, it's a sure way to brighten your day (and your outfit)! I picked up a small red bag from Henri Bendel a few years ago and still love it to death. I don't carry it every day, but it always makes me smile when I do.  This season, I've been tying to make more calculated choices when it comes to my wardrobe. I have been weighing the options, checking my closet to make sure I don't have something similar, and investing in more timeless choices. I love a good Target or Zara find as much as anyone, but those are always the first pieces to go in a seasonal closet clean-out. This bag is something I studied, looked at, and weighed the color choices for months. It's by a designer I hadn't heard of and doesn't have a logo (a major win in my book). So the question was red or camel? I ended up with the camel because of the previously mentioned red bag that was already in my closet, but the red is still a top choice. I love the bag itself and love the comments from the
peanut gallery when I carry it ("do you have a pair of binoculars in there" // "your bag looks like a binocular case" etc etc). I get it. It looks like a binocular case, but I think it's fantastic. It has become an unexpected conversation piece. Shop my other red bag pics that don't necessarily carry the same conversation piece status but are still great choices:

October 04, 2017

The Color Red, pt. 2

Yesterday we started our coverage on the color red. It is in fact the color of the season. If it's not "your color", you can still add pops of it by way of accessories, mostly shoes. The 60s boot is everywhere right now in all shapes and patterns (white, floral embroidery, bright reds, deep maroons, etc.). I love the look of a bright red bootie with a cropped jean.... consider it a must! Also, consider a pointed toe version of the bootie for a dressier look. Shop my favorite red booties below:
There's also always the option of the Gucci fur-lined slides in an updated red instead of black. See more styling tips on all the Fall trends on our 
So, the question is are you the one on the right or the left? I always lean more towards a distressed jean with a heeled bootie, though I'm making attempts to include diversity this fall. 
left block heel: Gucci (similar version here)  |  right red booties: Nordstrom

October 03, 2017

The Color Red

With this warm hue showing up on every major blogger during NYFW, designers and stores are taking note. Red is everywhere for fall. It is the color of the season. We will cover additional ways to wear red throughout the week, but let's start with a yummy oversized sweater. Wear it with a pair of updated jeans and a white ankle boot (more on this later... yes, they are a thing). I'm currently searching the web for more red pieces to add to my closet. For now, this sweater is a great place to start. 
sweater: H&M (also loving this sweater)  |  bag: Alice & Olivia  |  boots: Nordstrom

September 08, 2017


When I was working on the fall collection, I kept being drawn to an image of a trendy girl in front of the Eiffel Tower because, let's be serious, Paris is the ultimate source of inspiration. I was also pulling inspiration from the current fall trends and what the influencers are wearing (Gucci t-shirts, booties with cropped jeans, small structured bags, etc). This is the result and I have to say, I'm obsessed. I want to be her. 
You can find her on notecards right now with more products to be revealed

September 06, 2017


There are days (like yesterday) where pajamas seem like appropriate attire for the day. I have my sights set on this Barefoot Dreams cardigan for fall. It looks cozy enough to be a robe yet cute enough to wear out in public. Give me!
sweater: Barefoot Dreams  |  house shoes: UGG
This design is the picture of comfy chic and is now available as a notecard. It makes the perfect fall card. Pick up a box here.

September 05, 2017


With the recent world events, attacks, natural disasters and the like, 
it's left me completely stuck. It feels completely insensitive to continue 
pushing and selling product even though I know we have to keep moving 
forward. I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know how to make an 
impact. I want to help. But how?
As outsiders, we're all watching the news coverage and having the same 
feelings of helplessness. We're eager to jump in and looking for opportunities to 
help the people of Texas but aren't sure where to begin. The damage has been 
done, but the cleanup has just begun. This will be an ongoing effort to rebuild 
that will last months if not years. While we can't all be on the ground aiding in the 
recovery efforts, we can help by donating tangible items, time and financial 
In an effort to do as much as I can from Nashville, I've decided to donate 100% 
of the proceeds from online sales on September 5th to various organizations 
benefitting Harvey relief efforts. I need your help! Let's see how much money we 
can raise for those who lost everything.

I encourage you to shop your generous little hearts out! Knock out your 
Christmas shopping early. Grab happies for your besties. Think ahead to 
upcoming birthdays where you might need a small gift to give (don't forget about 
the hostess gifts you'll need for upcoming holiday gatherings and teacher's 
Christmas gifts). Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. And rest assured, 
with every purchase you're making a difference! 

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the newest greeting card that highlights one of this 
year's biggest trends in interiors (the hanging chair). Meet, Rattan. Pick one up for a 
friend that's going through a tough time or simply as a way to say I miss you! To the 
people of Texas, we're thinking about you! 



August 30, 2017

What to Wear... this fall

The weather completely tricked me into thinking fall was coming soon. 
We had a few days of more brisk temperatures followed by today which
has been hot and humid, the story of summer in the south. However, fall is near. It really is. Even if the temperatures stay warm, we can start transitioning our wardrobes by introducing booties paired with lighter tops, sleeveless sweaters with shorts, sandals with a light sweater. September is basically the month where anything goes. It's still entirely too warm to bundle up in sweaters and boots, so go for more lightweight options while scanning the September issues to see what trends are heading our way. One trend that is going to be making huge waves this fall is velvet. Whether you wear a velvet tee, purchase a small handbag of the same material, or try to find the perfect velvet heel (like this one or this one), it's going to be big. Pick your piece, but remember to stick to one velvet item per outfit. Make your look even more on-trend by making your velvet a deep, fall-inspired floral. Shop my favorites below:
ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR

shoes: Nordstrom

August 09, 2017


Time for the kids to go back to school! Don't send them in unarmed. Grab one of our cute teacher-inspired notepads to give them a head start on becoming the teacher's pet. 

November 11, 2016


My daily uniform... black on black with boots! It's been a perfect
look for the warm fall we've had with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. 

November 10, 2016

Bee Olive

It's finally feeling like fall... finally time to layer up for the brisk temperatures!