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February 02, 2018

Q & A three

Q: How does the custom process work?
A: This one has a four part answer, so scroll to the part that best describes
what you're looking for...please note that most custom projects require a
4 week lead time. 
Custom notecards: Our cards are printed in bulk, so there's a 50 card
minimum on custom orders on top of a custom artwork fee. Our custom
notecards are priced per set of 10.
Custom invitations: Once again, we can definitely print as many or as
few invitations as you need, but the pricing differs depending on the
quantity. Our custom invitations are priced individually and a custom
artwork fee will also be applied. 
Custom prints: Whether it's an illustration for your home/ office or a print
of your bestie in her wedding attire, we can definitely accommodate you!
Our custom prints are 8x10 in size and are priced based on the number
of figures we include and if we include any background elements or 
additional details. 
Custom brand images: This is something we no longer offer as a custom
option. If you're looking for something to use in your branding, on social
media and in your marketing materials, we're not the ones for you :(
It's a new push to keep our signature style unique to our brand, so our
apologies for turning you down if it's a branding request. 

Products that are not available for custom orders: Luggage tags, 
notepads, folded greeting cards, planners, stickers, and cups are a 50/50 
(we can do it, but you have to order about 500 cups)
Shirts: I had the privilege of collaborating with Giuliana Rancic on a few
batches of shirts that were available exclusively on HSN. They are all, 
sadly, sold out and no longer available. We are working on something
special under our own umbrella for later this year, so stay tuned! 
If you have any questions about a custom project you have in mind, please
don't hesitate to reach out! Every project is different and unique in its own
way, so further discussion is always welcomed. Email me!

March 03, 2017

Giuliana Rancic x Brittany Fuson 2017

It's that time again.... time to reveal the latest collaboration with Giuliana Rancic! For this collection, we looked to California for inspiration. From the hiking through the Hollywood Hills to getting dressed to the nines with your glam squad, there's a design for everybody. When you think of California, one of the first things you think of is most likely Rodeo Drive. We had to come up with a design that captured that essence of shopping on Rodeo with your bestie (and admiring all the fancy cars as you pass). 
Getting to the true roots of Giuliana's lifestyle, we had to include a design that
also paid homage to how the two of us connected. A while back, I illustrated her 
and her glam squad. I took a shot in the dark and mailed the illustration (with a copy
for each member of her glam squad) to E! News with her name on it. Flash forward
a few months later, I saw it in the background of an E! News scene in her dressing
room. I knew she had received the prints, and a few months after that, the email
came from a PR company that was putting together an event for her new HSN 
denim line launch. They wanted me to be in LA within the following two weeks to live illustrate during the event, and the rest is history! So, this is really how it all began. 
One of my favorites from this collection is the outdoorsy girls taking a hike with the beloved pooch. Whether it's through the Hollywood Hills, along the coast of Malibu, or through your local park, get outside! 

And of course, two besties riding along the Santa Monica pier, which is summer goals if I've ever envisioned it. 

All of these designs are available exclusively on HSN and are on a short-sleeve
shirt that is a longer fit (more of a tunic length). Here are a few iPhone shots of me in them so you can get an idea of the fit.

Get them quick before they sell out (click here)! Each collection is printed in small quantities, so once they sell out, they're gone forever. For those asking about the travel series we did in December, the shirts are sold out, but the scarf and sweatshirts are still available in limited sizes. Grab one while you can! The sweatshirt is absolutely the softest material ever - you'll be living and sleeping in it. 


December 12, 2016

G by Giuliana x Brittany Fuson

I'm thrilled to share my latest collaboration with Giuliana Rancic...
We teamed up to bring you more shirt designs as part of her G by Giuliana
collection exclusively for HSN. This collection is designed for the jet-setter,
the girl on the go. With easy silhouettes and comfy fabrics, the new shirts pack
well and wear even better. Throw them on with your favorite boyfriend jeans (shop my favorite here) or a cozy jogger pant (like this one here) and you're good to go.
We had winter destinations on the mind when putting together inspiration boards
for the new designs. Whether you're flying Southwest or boarding a private plane,
who doesn't want to head to a snowy mountain town for the holidays? The best part is they come ready-to-wrap in a beautiful gift box. Consider this one a Christmas must. We created three designs in two different formats, a lightweight tee and a cozy sweatshirt. But here's the grand finale...We created a scarf
We wanted it to have an abstract feel when worn, so it features an oversized
illustration in an easy breezy material that's perfect for all climates. 
Be sure to tune into HSN Tuesday, Dec. 13th, from 7:00 - 9:00 EST 
to see the launch. You might also see me hovering in the background! 

November 04, 2016

Mrs. Rancic

Signing off for the week with a preview of custom notecards we 
recently did for the one and only Giuliana Rancic...

July 26, 2016

G by Giuliana Fall 2016

I'm always so excited to share the latest collaboration with Giuliana Rancic. You've seen the past collections with the NYC, Chicago and LA tees as well as the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection in partnership with Disney. 
This new collection is full of rich berry tones and deep olive greens, colors that I'm wearing through the summer that will translate easily into fall (I actually placed an order yesterday for the long cardigan). I love the easy vibe of the plaids and relaxed silhouettes. And of course, take a look at the new tees. We highlighted several new cities across the pond (London, Paris and Rome) and created an updated NYC. It's tough to pick a favorite, though I love the light olive tee in contrast with the Paris design. 
With this collection, the designs are on colored shirts instead of the standard white. The tees are so super soft and stretchy, you'll want to sleep in them. They're also a great fit with a slight hi-lo hem.
See the entire collection on
You can see a video of Giuliana going through the collection piece-by-piece on Facebook. She also gives a tour of her to-die-for closet in the video. You don't want to miss it! 
The collection is available on and will be live on tv tomorrow at 10am CST. 

May 04, 2016


Time for a selfie in front of the Hollywood sign...
This design is part of the series I did for Giuliana Rancic's collection for HSN.