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March 03, 2017

Giuliana Rancic x Brittany Fuson 2017

It's that time again.... time to reveal the latest collaboration with Giuliana Rancic! For this collection, we looked to California for inspiration. From the hiking through the Hollywood Hills to getting dressed to the nines with your glam squad, there's a design for everybody. When you think of California, one of the first things you think of is most likely Rodeo Drive. We had to come up with a design that captured that essence of shopping on Rodeo with your bestie (and admiring all the fancy cars as you pass). 
Getting to the true roots of Giuliana's lifestyle, we had to include a design that
also paid homage to how the two of us connected. A while back, I illustrated her 
and her glam squad. I took a shot in the dark and mailed the illustration (with a copy
for each member of her glam squad) to E! News with her name on it. Flash forward
a few months later, I saw it in the background of an E! News scene in her dressing
room. I knew she had received the prints, and a few months after that, the email
came from a PR company that was putting together an event for her new HSN 
denim line launch. They wanted me to be in LA within the following two weeks to live illustrate during the event, and the rest is history! So, this is really how it all began. 
One of my favorites from this collection is the outdoorsy girls taking a hike with the beloved pooch. Whether it's through the Hollywood Hills, along the coast of Malibu, or through your local park, get outside! 

And of course, two besties riding along the Santa Monica pier, which is summer goals if I've ever envisioned it. 

All of these designs are available exclusively on HSN and are on a short-sleeve
shirt that is a longer fit (more of a tunic length). Here are a few iPhone shots of me in them so you can get an idea of the fit.

Get them quick before they sell out (click here)! Each collection is printed in small quantities, so once they sell out, they're gone forever. For those asking about the travel series we did in December, the shirts are sold out, but the scarf and sweatshirts are still available in limited sizes. Grab one while you can! The sweatshirt is absolutely the softest material ever - you'll be living and sleeping in it. 


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