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February 22, 2016

This is The Revenant

Guess what this week is?

O S C A R   W E E K

One of my favorite parts of the Academy Awards is when they briefly describe a nominated film followed by a clip of it. It's always so awkward, but they always end with "this is...(insert movie title here)". So, in honor of Sunday's awards, let me help you break down the movies you might have missed. Let's start with The Revenant.

Here's what I know:

Leo is in it and he's a shoo-in for Best Actor (finally, he'll win his very first Oscar). There's a scene where he fights a bear, a scene where he eats a live fish, it looks like he's on a horse at one point and they go off a massive cliff. I don't know. The whole thing looks above my head, but the cinematography is on point. Truth time, though, I haven't actually seen it. I was saving this one for Netflix.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Here's my take on it. A chic jumpsuit with a grizzly bear hat....
jumpsuit: ASOS  |  hat: Amazon

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