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Drybar, take 3

Posted by Brittany Fuson on

More from the most sought-after bar right now, Drybar.

I worked with them on a new product launch a while back, and 
here are three of the influencers that received not only some serious 
Drybar swag, but also a custom illustration by yours truly! 

They are all sporting various Drybar staples like the Buttercup 
those perfect beach waves), a Full Pint medium round brush to
smooth your freshly dried locks, but also my favorite product right
now, Triple Sec. It's a texturizing spray that gives your hair serious
volume. Literally. Use. It. Everyday. Trust me, those celebs with the
messy but chic hair are using a texturizing spray to get the look
(or their glam squads are). 

They also have a new Baby Buttercup hair dryer that's perfect
for traveling (hint, think Christmas gifts, perfect for the girl on
the go) and a silk pillowcase. I sleep on one every night and it
helps keep your hair fresh! I love it. 


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