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December 01, 2017

Gifts for the Jet-setter

At long last, the 2017 Gift Guide is here! We will be revealing a handful of gifts in carefully curated categories over the next  week. There's still plenty of time to shop, so hopefully you will find our lists useful in your giving this year! You can find the entire list on our Gift Guide page.
Let's start with the jet-setter, the girl on the go, the one that's always
going somewhere. She's a savvy traveler who's TSA pre-check (and probably has a Southwest companion pass). She packs light so she can breeze through security, always dresses cute but comfy (especially for those long flights), and always has an eye mask handy.

1) marble laptop case (basically an accessory for your computer)
2) bkr water bottle (have one, love it, take it with me everywhere I go)
3) L'Occitane hand cream (it's literally the BEST! Perfect to keep your
skin hydrated during the cold winter months ahead)
4) eye mask set (who doesn't love a good eye mask?)
5) BFP luggage tags (don't forget one for each piece of luggage!)
6) 5-piece packing cube set (I find these to be quite genius. I consider
myself a very organized packer, so I can only imagine how much these
would up my game)
On her:
scarf: Nordstrom (also a perfect gift for mom, comes in tons of colors)
sweater: Nordstrom (perfect for traveling and/or lounging. Plus, layers are always a good idea when hopping on a place)
leggings: Spanx (a more polished version of your favorite go-to leggings)
shoes: Adidas (I always wear shoes that require socks when I fly so you
can kick them off while on board and not freeze, but also so you can walk through security without going barefoot)
tote: The Daily Edited (how gorgeous is this tote?)
roll bag: Calpak (because marble is everything right now)

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