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November 14, 2018


Whoa.... where have we been? Last week was the one holiday show we do each year, Christmas Village, here in Nashville. It takes so much prep work in the days and weeks leading up to it and days afterwards getting reorganized. After three days of post-show work, I think I'm finally caught up and back in my groove. 
However, it's cold and rainy outside today. I'm feeling all the cozy textures, furry coats and warm drinks.... who's with me? 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, furry coat, winter

November 01, 2018


Brittany Fuson bandanas, scarves, apparel, fashion illustration, made in USA, made in TN
The bandanas are here (as well as the rest of the Holiday collection, but more on that later). We've been working on these for months and are proud to say that they are cut, sewn, and printed here in TN. They are available in 5 colors and can be worn a multitude of ways. 
Brittany Fuson bandanas, scarves, apparel, fashion illustration, made in USA, made in TN
Brittany Fuson bandanas, scarves, apparel, fashion illustration, made in USA, made in TN
Brittany Fuson bandanas, scarves, apparel, fashion illustration, made in USA, made in TN
Oh, and tie one around a wine bottle for those upcoming Christmas parties.... easiest hostess gift ever! 
Brittany Fuson bandanas, scarves, apparel, fashion illustration, made in USA, made in TN

December 18, 2017


The Christmas parties are in full swing. You're running around picking
up those final few gifts. You still have to wrap everything. Your pants already feel tight from all the holiday goodies. AND, you don't know what to wear to the next gathering. No? All of the above is just happening to me? Ok, well, here's what I suggest for that casual friendly get together that's probably taking place on a weeknight. Throw on your favorite jeans and a cozy sweater. Make it more festive with a pop of red or green (or both). 

December 08, 2017


There's something about both this pastel pink and a deep
hunter green that I'm loving this season. It's an extra festive choice that's not red, though I do tend to wear more red this month in general (why not?). If you have fancy parties to attend, think of the three texture trends this season... velvet, fur, and sparkly sequins. If your outfit has one of the above, your sure to be the belle of the ball. Cheers!

December 07, 2017


Switching gears from gift guides to what to wear, 'tis the season!
Holiday parties are in full swing and the best way to jazz up your outfit this time of year is to add a little sparkle. Start with your go-to little black dress, add a fun earring and a pop of glitter with a pair of sequined booties... helloooo holidays (or is it holidaze?). Don't forget that you can always find our full 2017 Gift Guide here.
Shop for an updated LBD with these picks:

December 06, 2017

Give the Gift of Cozy

Maybe it's the turmoil of our world these days or maybe it's the
ultimate home-body in me, but can you imagine a better gift than to give someone the gift of cozy? A cozy throw, a great book to curl up by the fire with, luxurious bath products to make that r&r time even more relaxing... this list is the ultimate in cozy. And don't forget about our other carefully curated lists. See them all on our 2017 Gift Guide page
1) Swell bottle (perfect for hot tea, and of course, it's marble)
2) tea kettle (I use mine daily, especially at night when I'm cozying up for the night)
3) The Year of Cozy book (a great addition to any coffee table addicts collection)
4) Slip pillowcase (I was hesitant to jump on board at first, but I'm hooked on my silk pillowcase now. It's a worthy purchase)
5) Voluspa candle (one of my favorite scents this time of year!)
6) silk mask set (perfect for traveling)
7) Barefoot Dreams throw (have one, love it, can't live without it)
8) Dyson hair dryer (because who doesn't need a $400 hair dryer?)
9) deep sleep pillow spray (we could all use a little help getting to sleep and staying asleep, I'll try anything)
10) Barr - Co. bath salts (the perfect way to bump up the bath game)
11) Kopari coconut oil (another perfect end to a long day)
12) Ugg slippers (this exact pair should be waiting for me under
the tree, wink wink. I get a new pair every year because I literally live in them)

December 01, 2017

Gifts for the Jet-setter

At long last, the 2017 Gift Guide is here! We will be revealing a handful of gifts in carefully curated categories over the next  week. There's still plenty of time to shop, so hopefully you will find our lists useful in your giving this year! You can find the entire list on our Gift Guide page.
Let's start with the jet-setter, the girl on the go, the one that's always
going somewhere. She's a savvy traveler who's TSA pre-check (and probably has a Southwest companion pass). She packs light so she can breeze through security, always dresses cute but comfy (especially for those long flights), and always has an eye mask handy.

1) marble laptop case (basically an accessory for your computer)
2) bkr water bottle (have one, love it, take it with me everywhere I go)
3) L'Occitane hand cream (it's literally the BEST! Perfect to keep your
skin hydrated during the cold winter months ahead)
4) eye mask set (who doesn't love a good eye mask?)
5) BFP luggage tags (don't forget one for each piece of luggage!)
6) 5-piece packing cube set (I find these to be quite genius. I consider
myself a very organized packer, so I can only imagine how much these
would up my game)
On her:
scarf: Nordstrom (also a perfect gift for mom, comes in tons of colors)
sweater: Nordstrom (perfect for traveling and/or lounging. Plus, layers are always a good idea when hopping on a place)
leggings: Spanx (a more polished version of your favorite go-to leggings)
shoes: Adidas (I always wear shoes that require socks when I fly so you
can kick them off while on board and not freeze, but also so you can walk through security without going barefoot)
tote: The Daily Edited (how gorgeous is this tote?)
roll bag: Calpak (because marble is everything right now)

November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday! It's a day to scour the internet for the best deals around. We've got some you don't want to miss...
Our 2018 Planner is now $20 (marked down from $20). Hurry! Get one
while supplies last.
All greeting cards are marked down. Full price greetings cards are normally
$5 but are $3 today, and our sale greeting cards are marked down to $1
(yes, I said $1). You're going to want to stock up. 
Lastly, all Winks are $5 (marked down from $10). They make the perfect
addition to any gift. Happy shopping! 

November 15, 2017

What to Wear... to Thanksgiving

The countdown is on... while the day after Halloween is usually the kick
off for Christmas in my family, we have one holiday getting in the way.
Thanksgiving is one week away! The question remains (and is a stresser
every year), what to wear?? You want to be comfortable while you indulge
in absolutely everything you avoid every other day of the year. It's a day of
good food and good family time, so what's the happy medium of looking
cute while still being able to participate should a backyard flag football game be proposed? In my family, we keep it casual. I stick to some sort of jeans and a trendy sweater combo. Throw on boots, booties or a statement flat and call it a day. Thank goodness looser jeans are in this season... that second piece of pecan pie is definitely happening. Remember, a family photo is definitely going to happen, so don't wear something you'll already regret next year. 
sweater: ASOS  |  jeans: Levi's  |  flats: SheIn

December 19, 2016

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

You absolutely cannot beat a cup of peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas time. It's so seasonal, it keeps you warm on those chilly nights, and is even better when sipped by the fireside (and Christmas tree). Williams Sonoma has the best. Bonus points if you sip it out of a brand new BFP cup (get one here before they sell out)!

Consider this my auto-reply... social media might make it appear like I'm working around the clock, but today marks my last day in the office until 2017! I'm stepping away to spend time with family doing Christmas things. I hope you do the same! 

December 14, 2016


Pip, pop, pipcorn! 
Y'all, have you heard of / are you obsessed with Pipcorn?? It's the cutest mini popcorn with cute packaging and a handful of delicious flavors to choose from. I'm not going to lie, I tried them all. I'm a huge fan of a sweet and salty combo, so the Kettle Corn is my favorite with Rosemary being a close second. The Sea Salt is classic and is great with a few M&Ms thrown in while the Truffle is a bold and unique flavor. Try all four with the 4 pack or load up on smaller 100 calorie bags.

tray: West Elm  |  "Parka" notecards  |  Pipcorn  |  popcorn containers: Target 
(exclusively in stores - other cute bowls here)
Fill a stocking full, tie a small bag on the outside of a gift, host a movies & popcorn night with your holiday favorites... what you do, try it! Or better yet, spread some holiday cheer by sending a mini bag to a friend, neighbor, or colleague. 

December 08, 2016

Handsome Gifts for Him

We're going to keep the gift ideas keep coming...
Today, we're switching gears to Handsome Gifts for Him. You can find this new
category added to our massive 2016 Gift Guide here. If he knows what he did, 
maybe a bag of coal (also known as a soap set) will set him straight. If you're
looking for something more personal, we're obsessed with these city map
glasses. Don't forget, men need personal care items, too. To keep him looking
his stocking; wrap up a sleek cashmere brush or sweater stone to keep his wools winter-ready; tie a big bow around an updated hard-sided suitcase if he's always on the go. If he's more of a tech-guy, consider these noise-cancelling headphones something you'll want to gift because (trust me) you'll want to borrow them for long flights! You can't beat this cute electronics cleaning brush as an add-on. See the entire list here
Oh, but let's be serious, the easiest, most useful gift you can give a guy is a new
wrist watch. My favorite is a classic timepiece by Daniel Wellington. I have become quite the collector... I'm obsessed with the simple, sleek face and timeless leather strap. This is another one you want to gift because you know you want to borrow. 
(You'll also find these on our A-Z Gift Guide under "W")
Get 15% off your purchase when you use the code FUSON15 on the
Daniel Wellington website. Head over and consider your shopping done! 

December 07, 2016

Top Beauty Buys

The 2016 Gift Guide launched just in time for those last minute shoppers 
(hint hint: Christmas is less than 20 days away!!). Today I'm expanding it to include my favorites in the Beauty category. From the Tweexy Nail Polish holder to the Spa Tower (hello, perfect for moms and grandmothers), the people that created these items are pretty much geniuses. I've included some of my absolute must-haves that I use on a daily basis from the contoured eye mask to Drybar's Triple Sec texture spray (and let's not forget the St. Tropez gradual tan to help fight the winter blues). But one of my favorite finds this year has to be the Spatty Datty... get every last drop out of those narrow makeup bottles with these reusable mini spatulas (for lack of a better term). See the full Gift Guide here and the latest addition, my Top Beauty Buys.
I'm excited to share another one of my latest additions to the beauty counter...
the Quantum Switch by Theorie. The set includes 4 different sized barrels to
create the perfect look for every occasion. I prefer to use a larger barrel to create beachy waves, but if you're wanting a tighter curl, there are options! It also includes a glove so you won't burn your hand and comes in a perfectly sized travel bag. This one is a must-have! 

December 04, 2016

2016 Gift Guide

1. The Coveteur  //  2. Vintage Remix  //  3. Elements of Style  // 4. Celebrate Everything  
//  5. Gold Drops  //  6. Blush Drops  //  7. Royal Drops  //  8. Black Tassels  
//  9. Gold Tassels
1. Honey Flight  //  2. Lights Chocolate Set  //  3. Bloody Mary Box  //  4. Fig Balsamic Vinegar  
//  5. Hickory Smoked Honey  //  6. Truffle Honey  //  7. Fruit Jam Trio

1. Stocking Flask  //  2. Travel Twister  //  3. Desktop Cornhole  //  4. Game of Phones  
//  5. Table Topics  //  6. Giant Playing Cards
1. "Anna" Kahri Doll  //  2. "Audrey" Kahri Doll  //  3. "Karl" Kahri Doll  //  4. "Kate" Kahri Doll  
I'm thrilled to finally share the 2016 Gift Guide with you! We will be adding more to it over the next few days, so stay in the loop with the full gift guide on this page

November 29, 2016

Fresh Prints of BFP

Cyber Week continues...
We just added tons of new prints to the website! AND, they're still half-price! Shop quick before your favorites are sold out!

November 28, 2016

Holiday 2016 x Cyber Monday

Which do you want first, the old or the new? Let's start with the new... the Holiday Collection is here! 

Now that we have the NEW in, it's time to clear out the OLD which calls for the 
ultimate CYBER MONDAY sale...
luggage tags...
reg. $4 | on sale for $2 (some are even marked down to $1)

phone cases...
reg. $25 | on sale for $12

(select) winks...
reg. $10 | on sale for $6

reg. $20 | on sale for $10

box sets and folded cards...
reg. $20 | on sale for $8

sale notecards...
reg. $20 | further reduced from $10 to $8

sale greeting cards...
reg. $5 | further reduced from $2.50 to $2

November 09, 2016

Christmas Village 2016

image via The Tennessean
Christmas Village is a yearly event I've been happy to participate in for the past six years, this year makes seven. Before I was ever an exhibitor, I was a loyal shopper. It's a fun way to kick off the Christmas season that my mom and I never miss! I've also had the privilege of creating a brand image for the event each year. Our Village girl has changed over the years, but I'm happy to 
debut the 2016 girl...
Come see us tomorrow - Sunday. The show hours are listed below and you can grab tickets here
Thursday (special Sneak Peak passes required, though they 
are sold out this year): 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Hope to see you there!