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Handsome Gifts for Him

Posted by Brittany Fuson on

We're going to keep the gift ideas keep coming...

Today, we're switching gears to Handsome Gifts for Him. You can find this new
category added to our massive 2016 Gift Guide here. If he knows what he did, 
maybe a bag of coal (also known as a soap set) will set him straight. If you're
looking for something more personal, we're obsessed with these city map
glasses. Don't forget, men need personal care items, too. To keep him looking
ever so dapper, throw a fresh mouthwash or Scotch-infused toothpick set in
his stocking; wrap up a sleek cashmere brush or sweater stone to keep his wools
winter-ready; tie a big bow around an updated hard-sided suitcase if he's always
on the go. 

If he's more of a tech-guy, consider these noise-cancelling headphones something
you'll want to gift because (trust me) you'll want to borrow them for long flights!
You can't beat this cute electronics cleaning brush as an add-on.

Oh, but let's be serious, the easiest, most useful gift you can give a guy is a new
wrist watch. My favorite is a classic timepiece by Daniel Wellington. I have become quite
the collector... I'm obsessed with the simple, sleek face and timeless leather strap. 
This is another one you want to gift because you know you want to borrow. 
(You'll also find these on our A-Z Gift Guide under "W")

Get 15% off your purchase when you use the code FUSON15 on the
Daniel Wellington website. Head over and consider your shopping done! 

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