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Hey Cowboy

Posted by Brittany Fuson on

As a native and local Nashvillian, let me be the first to welcome you if you're making
the trip here for CMA Fest this week! It's an event I try to avoid year after year, but this
year I've decided to embrace the chaos. As much as I complain about the amount of people downtown, it's a fun week and truly shows Nashville at it's finest. Dress for hot hot 
weather and don't be afraid to wear cowboy boots, though I would leave the
cowboy hat at home. They're an instant give-away that you're a tourist. 

If you're looking for things to do, I love this Guide to Nashville. It has
some great tips for making the most of your trip here. 

scarf: Madewell  |  dress: Madewell (also available in orange)

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