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Posted by Brittany Fuson on

I recently decided to bring the BFP signature look to life by getting lash extensions.
It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but was waiting to find someone I could trust
and someone whose work was flawless. That led me to my girl, Abby. If you're in the Nashville
area, go see her! She's the best.
(615. 370. 7041 x 206)

I'm already obsessed with them and can't imagine NOT having them at this point. They're perfect
for summer when I wear less makeup (because it's so blazing hot). They make you feel put
together without having to wear a full face of makeup. 

Lash extensions or not, everyone needs to buy this Bottom Lash Mascara by Clinique
It's genius! It gets all those little lashes and makes your eyes truly pop. Ten bucks well spent.

If you're not ready to take the plunge into lash extensions, try some of my favorite mascaras 
below. I was a Lancome Definicils user for years and recently made the switch to Dior Show
Both are great for length and volume. 

Side note: if you have lash extensions, no mascara is needed. It takes one step out of my 
daily routine which is always a plus! 

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