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August 09, 2018

Lauren R

The other day, I talked about how much I love illustrating the bride during her wedding ceremony. At times, though, I'm either in the  bridal party or playing another role that prevents me from illustrating on the spot. In this case, it was an intimate ceremony without wedding  programs and only close friends and family. This time, I opted for a post-
wedding illustration on her invitation. I framed the invite and presented it to her at a later date (I technically had a year to complete the job, right?).  The whole idea of illustrating on wedding invitations started when I saw a framed wedding invitation at my grandfather's house. It was in fact from
his wedding to my late grandmother, and a dear friend of theirs had  watercolored the front with the wedding chapel where the ceremony  took place. I loved the whole idea behind the gift and soon began to  copy. What started as illustrating wedding chapels has evolved into just the bride herself in my signature BFP voice on the couple's wedding invitation. I think it makes a unique keepsake, a special
way to highlight both the dress and the wedding details that brides spend so much time coordinating. 

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