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January 31, 2018


There are more bloggers and influencers than we can keep up
with these days. In an oversaturated market, I'm always taking a mental inventory of whose stories I love watching, whose photos I throw a like to, and who makes me feel better (or more entertained) for following them. One of these gals is Mallory Ervin. Though I don't know her personally, her stories are always entertaining. More than that, she has such a positive aura about her that I literally find myself going, how is she so happy all the time? I need more of that in my life. Not only is she a bright spot in the self-indulgent world we live in, she's killing it in the maternity style department. Her go-tos have been noticeable, things I would wear today not being pregnant. With an endless supply of Madeworn tees and Gucci slides, she's making maternity less "maternity". It's the cool girl, downtown vibe that I love. 

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