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January 26, 2018

Q & A two

Q: What inspires you?
A: Where do I even begin? At the risk of sounding like a motivational
speaker, inspiration can be found all around you IF you're paying
attention. I always have my eyes peeled and am observing my
surroundings. Whether it's the perfect backdrop for an illustration 
or a killer outfit that is screaming "draw me" - I'm always watching,
looking, observing, taking notes, snapping pictures, etc. Of course,
I also get plenty of inspiration from social media, Pinterest, and a handful
of websites I check frequently (among that list is Who What Wear, 
Style Me Pretty Living and My Domain to name a few). On social 
media, I get tons of outfit ideas from bloggers and influencers 
My answer to the question, where do you get your inspiration
would have been vastly different when I first started my business 8
years ago. I was a magazine junkie and would spend so much time
going through each page, tearing out the ones that caught my attention.
These days magazines are (sadly) becoming something of the past as
we continue to become ever more digital, though I still love to make a quick 
stop in the magazine aisle at the grocery store (you should see my binders 
upon binders of magazine pages collecting dust by my desk). I'm also an
avid collector of coffee table books and actually use them instead of letting
them collect dust like my tear sheets. 
Long story short, inspiration is everywhere. I'm inspired by everything
from fashion to home decor to food and travel. I try to follow a wide variety
of genres on my social media accounts to keep me interested and in tune
with what's going on in the world. 
Keep submitting your questions by leaving comments/ sending me emails
and direct messages/ any way you can reach me! I'm all ears!


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