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March 09, 2018

Q & A eight

Q: How do you pronounce your last name?
A: Fuson is actually pronounced few - saun (like a sauna).
This one is actually not a frequently asked question as much  as frequently said wrong... the one I get the most is "fusion", but if you'll look closely, there's not a i included. It makes me laugh at this point because I get it... we've all said things the wrong way. I most likely won't correct you if you say it wrong because I never want to offend anybody, and trust me, it does not even phase me if you don't say it right! However, now we're all on the same page :)
Happy weekend lovelies! 
If you get the chance, pick up a copy of my Nashville gal, Katie Jacobs'
new book So Much to Celebrate. I stopped by her launch party last night to snag mine and you're going to want a copy of this one. It's filled with gorgeous photos, delicious-looking recipes and fun party ideas.

February 23, 2018

Q & A six

Catherine Truman Photography

Q: Can you change the hair color of a design?
A: The short answer: no.
The long answer: all of our products are produced in bulk.
I design/draw one image by hand, scan it in, and design new
products from the original image. From there, every product
we sell is printed in bulk. Whether it's notecards, greeting cards,
notepads, etc.... it's all pre-printed in large quantities (so we can 
keep the price low enough to keep our customers happy) and ready to 
ship. To change the hair color means starting from scratch, which would 
make it a custom design (you can see more information about custom
designs here). You can also see more information about what products
we can do custom and which ones we can't in that post
So, to put it bluntly, what you see is what you get. All of the designs
only come as shown and on the products shown. I hope that answers
your question! Happy weekend. 

February 16, 2018

Q & A Five

Q: What are the latest trends from fashion week?
A: I'm honored that people even ask me this question. While I wasn't
in attendance at NYFW this season, I was tuning in closely to see
what trends would emerge (my go to for runway shots is
I was checking daily, reading the reviews, pouring over the coverage,
trolling instagram, etc. The climate of the fashion industry is definitely
changing in the current digital age. Some designers opted out of shows
all together, while some that previously did shows scaled down to 
intimate presentations. Long story short, change is in the air. I'm curious
to see where it leads us.
In terms of trends, there's good news. In the midst of all the change,
these things remain: white boots, pops of red and pink, chunky/
oversized sweaters, slip dresses, and an overall nod to the 80s and
90s. These things have been on the scene since last fall, so there won't
be a huge turnover for spring and fall of this year. The good news in
that is that if you've invested in said pieces already, you can still wear
them throughout the year. A sigh of relief. 
While pink and red weren't taking over the runways, there were hints
of one or the other in almost every new collection. That chunky red 
sweater you had to have last fall? Keep it. Wear it with a relaxed
silky skirt this year. Throw on a pair of white boots and you've
got the fall look nailed. 
Those white boots that every blogger is still wearing? You might
consider snagging a pair. They were shown in the form of a mule
for spring and a full fledged bootie for fall. While I'm hesitant to 
jump on board with this one, maybe a lower price point option
will do the trick. Trendy but they didn't break the bank. I'm considering
the following options:
In terms of patterns, there were nods to polka dots (both small
and oversized), gingham and the androgynous plaids seen in menswear
and suiting. The return of gingham is something we're already seeing
for spring, so pick up pieces you can wear now that will take you through
the next season. The menswear inspired plaids are also already showing up
on bloggers as we speak and will remain throughout the year. Think
oversized, relaxed blazers in a black and white check, long coats with
menswear detailing, the 90s power suit... you get the idea. Basically,
everything we shied away from in the early 2000s is making a comeback.
The androgynous patterns are great for now, like these pieces:


Gone are the days of skinny jeans and pencil pants. It's all about wide-leg 
trousers, relaxed boyfriend jeans, and high-waisted pants. 
Overall, I'd say we have something to look forward to. The feel of fashion
week was a return to elegance, but in a relaxed way. A refined form
of casual. Noticeably absent? Logos.

February 09, 2018

Q & A four

Q: How long does it take you to complete an illustration?
A: It really depends! I can knock out a black and white sketch
in 10 minutes without a lot of detail. Custom illustrations take
longer because I'm constantly referencing photos to make the
resemblance as close as possible. When I'm doing sketches for
the blog, I average about 20-25 minutes per illustration not
including editing time in Photoshop. On average, I'd say an
illustration of just one figure takes around 30 minutes to an
hour. Additional figures and background elements add to that,
so Christmas card illustrations of large families can take hours.
So in a non-answer kind of way, the answer is it depends on the
sketch! Clear as mud? See one of my quicker sketches come to
Happily Grey wearing a Fall '18 look from Lela Rose

February 02, 2018

Q & A three

Q: How does the custom process work?
A: This one has a four part answer, so scroll to the part that best describes
what you're looking for...please note that most custom projects require a
4 week lead time. 
Custom notecards: Our cards are printed in bulk, so there's a 50 card
minimum on custom orders on top of a custom artwork fee. Our custom
notecards are priced per set of 10.
Custom invitations: Once again, we can definitely print as many or as
few invitations as you need, but the pricing differs depending on the
quantity. Our custom invitations are priced individually and a custom
artwork fee will also be applied. 
Custom prints: Whether it's an illustration for your home/ office or a print
of your bestie in her wedding attire, we can definitely accommodate you!
Our custom prints are 8x10 in size and are priced based on the number
of figures we include and if we include any background elements or 
additional details. 
Custom brand images: This is something we no longer offer as a custom
option. If you're looking for something to use in your branding, on social
media and in your marketing materials, we're not the ones for you :(
It's a new push to keep our signature style unique to our brand, so our
apologies for turning you down if it's a branding request. 

Products that are not available for custom orders: Luggage tags, 
notepads, folded greeting cards, planners, stickers, and cups are a 50/50 
(we can do it, but you have to order about 500 cups)
Shirts: I had the privilege of collaborating with Giuliana Rancic on a few
batches of shirts that were available exclusively on HSN. They are all, 
sadly, sold out and no longer available. We are working on something
special under our own umbrella for later this year, so stay tuned! 
If you have any questions about a custom project you have in mind, please
don't hesitate to reach out! Every project is different and unique in its own
way, so further discussion is always welcomed. Email me!

January 26, 2018

Q & A two

Q: What inspires you?
A: Where do I even begin? At the risk of sounding like a motivational
speaker, inspiration can be found all around you IF you're paying
attention. I always have my eyes peeled and am observing my
surroundings. Whether it's the perfect backdrop for an illustration 
or a killer outfit that is screaming "draw me" - I'm always watching,
looking, observing, taking notes, snapping pictures, etc. Of course,
I also get plenty of inspiration from social media, Pinterest, and a handful
of websites I check frequently (among that list is Who What Wear, 
Style Me Pretty Living and My Domain to name a few). On social 
media, I get tons of outfit ideas from bloggers and influencers 
My answer to the question, where do you get your inspiration
would have been vastly different when I first started my business 8
years ago. I was a magazine junkie and would spend so much time
going through each page, tearing out the ones that caught my attention.
These days magazines are (sadly) becoming something of the past as
we continue to become ever more digital, though I still love to make a quick 
stop in the magazine aisle at the grocery store (you should see my binders 
upon binders of magazine pages collecting dust by my desk). I'm also an
avid collector of coffee table books and actually use them instead of letting
them collect dust like my tear sheets. 
Long story short, inspiration is everywhere. I'm inspired by everything
from fashion to home decor to food and travel. I try to follow a wide variety
of genres on my social media accounts to keep me interested and in tune
with what's going on in the world. 
Keep submitting your questions by leaving comments/ sending me emails
and direct messages/ any way you can reach me! I'm all ears!


January 19, 2018

Q & A one

One of the things I struggle with the most is finding the time
to sort through and answer each one of your questions and Instagram comments (and DMs). I LOVE reading them, so please continue asking... but I've decided to dedicate Friday's blog posts to the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will become a post you look forward to reading each week as I intend to answer anything and everything from what inspires
me to how I got my start to favorite places to eat, drink, etc. So, ask me anything. I'm happy to answer! Shoot me an email, leave a comment below, comment on an instagram post, or shoot me a DM on insta. I look forward to connecting! 
Q: What do you use for your illustrations?
A: I get this question a lot... while I started years ago using
watercolors, I made the transition about 10 years ago to Prismacolor
markers and colored pencils. I find that they give me a little more
control so I can be more precise. I layer the colors to add dimension
and then retouch to add even more highlights and shadows with
colored pencils. I finish by outlining with a Pigma Micron pen (I
prefer 01). You can find all these supplies at your local Michael's,
art store, or online at Blick Art Materials (one of the least expensive spots I've found to purchase).