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April 08, 2019

Neon Slide

I've long been a fan of Golden Goose sneakers. They're comfortable. They're distressed and cool. Yes, they're expensive, but they are my go-to shoe. When I came across this neon pair, I died a little. Neons are a huge trend for spring and sneakers have gone from a trend to a staple. It's a double-win. 
Brittany Fuson, Golden Goose, fashion illustration, sneakers, neons, spring trends

March 28, 2019


I was recently in the shoe department of a large department store looking around. I asked one of the associates what their opinion was of pool slides to which he replied, I think they're going away soon. As in, he thought the trend had exceeded its life span. I, on the other hand, think they are here to stay for at least another year. I think it will be the flip flop of summer. Go ahead and grab a pair for the pool or beach. I don't think you'll regret it because, hello, they're the most comfortable thing ever. Shop her fringy slides below... 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, pool slides, slides, rattan bag, rattan hoops, white jeans

March 26, 2019


Lately, I've seen several celebrities dress in wide-leg pants and a cute crop top. While I think the ensemble is chic and summer goals, I'm not sure I'm daring enough to try it. For those that are, kudos! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, crop tops, summer

March 20, 2019


Grab your tools... the utility look is huge right now. There are two simple ways to get the look: topstitching + pockets. That's all you need to look for and you'll officially be wearing the utility trend. Head to any major clothing website and type "utility" in the search box... you'll get a quick feel for the look. How killer are these shorts? I love them with an easy white blouse (preferably one with topstitching) and a western boot. For lack of a better word, it's nailing the utility trend. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, utility, spring trends, cowboy boots
Rules for executing the trend:
-Stick to a neutral color palette (denim, tan, ivory, army green)
-Keep the accessories natural (see yesterday's post for tons of ideas in the rattan/ wood/ pearl categories)
-Pair your utility look (preferably a jumpsuit) with mules or western boots
Here are some easy pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe to be on trend:
Brittany Fuson, utility trend, spring trends
Brittany Fuson, utility trend, spring trends
Happy shopping! 

March 19, 2019

Spring Accessories

It's time to bust out the spring accessories. From a fresh pair of white sneakers (make sure they're spring ready with an espadrille sole) to the newest natural accents, it's time to lighten up. The key words to note are raffia, wood, acrylic, and rattan. Shop my picks below and head to my Spring Edit list on Amazon for more! 
Brittany Fuson, spring trends, raffia, wood, acrylic, rattan, fashion illustration
Update your beach (or pool) look with a fresh pair of slides. Again, think about this season's key elements... raffia & rattan. 
Brittany Fuson, slides, pool slides, fashion illustration, spring trends
If you're more of a sneaker girl, as we mentioned earlier, grab a fresh pair of white sneakers with a springy espadrille sole. It's the best of both worlds! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, spring trends, espadrille sneakers
Rattan is going to be the hero of spring. Whether you incorporate it with a handbag, shoes, or earrings, grab a piece of rattan. It's a must! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, spring trends, rattan
To round it out, complete your look with a pair of acrylic hoops, a fun fringy tote, or a fun ring with a coastal-inspired ring (coastal shells and pearls are going to be what we're calling a "micro trend"). Shop my picks below:
fashion illustration, acrylic hoops, wood elements, fringed raffia tote, spring trends
What are your favorite spring trends?? Whether you're leaning more towards bright neons or something more natural, there truly is something for everybody this season! Happy Spring! 

March 18, 2019


Roll your eyes if you must, but bright neons are the way for summer. So, how do we execute that now when it's a bit too soon for bathing suits? The good news is fuzzy jackets are still huge for fall 2019, so grab one in a neon color. Wear it now when the temps dip in the morning and at night. I've also put together some spring pieces to snag now that will keep you on trend in the neon department. Don't wear them all at once... maybe one piece at a time? 
Brittany Fuson, spring trends, neon, fashion illustration
Here are some of my picks for spring neons (also, be on the lookout... coastal-inspired jewelry will be everywhere):
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, spring trends neon
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, spring trends, neon

March 15, 2019

Clear Bags

Let's keep talking about spring, shall we? Clear lucite/ PVC/ "stadium" bags have been on the radar for a short while now. Something that started as a need-based design (that I was not a huge fan of initially) has become a must-have this season. Whether you choose a small cross-body version or something with a statement shape handle, go clear! Grab a cute pouch to stick inside to hide all your clutter. 
Here are some of my favorite options for clear bags:
Brittany Fuson, clear bags, spring trends, jean shorts, sweatshirt, white boots, pearl hair clip

March 13, 2019


We already sprang forward and the first official day of spring is a week away. It's close, yall! I've been keeping an eye on the emerging trends and one that's huge this season but is also a staple is the return of the classic white dress. Is there anything easier than a simple white cotton dress for the warmer days ahead? Go ahead and grab one now before the selection gets slim. The options I'm loving are listed below (there are also several super cute options on my Spring Edit Amazon list - if you're freaking out because Spring Break is next week... well hello Prime). Other key pieces and textures I'm watching are eyelet and rattan, also classic spring elements. 
Four classic white cotton dresses:
Brittany Fuson, white cotton dress, spring trends, rattan, headbands, fashion illustration
headband: H&M  |  dress: Ganni  |  bag: Mehry Mu  |  shoes: Ulla Johnson

February 27, 2019

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Brittany Fuson, blue light-blocking glasses, technology, fashion illustration
There's been a recent uptick in self-protection in every category from sun exposure to technology. As one of the lucky ones with 20/20 vision, staring at a computer screen all day can take a toll leaving me with headaches and tired eyes at the end of the day. I've been curious about blue-light-blocking glasses and their effectiveness, so I ordered some! While the jury is still out on how well they work for me since I've actually been on my computer less this week than usual, everyone else is raving about them!
Brittany Fuson, blue light-blocking glasses, technology, fashion illustration
Thanks to free refunds on most in this list (from Amazon), I ordered approximately 10 pairs to find the perfect frame for my face. The three pictured at the top are all the same frame in different colors and ended up being my favorites (the pink and clear being my top two... I mean, if we're going to do this, let's do it with an unexpected frame shape). I liked all of the ones listed below and was really hoping the over-sized black ones would be just what I was looking for. However, as someone with a wider face, they were almost too big. Keep that in mind...
Brittany Fuson, blue light-blocking glasses, technology, fashion illustration

February 26, 2019

Hot Pink

While we were thinking the color of the year would be a bright, punchy coral the Oscars said otherwise. Hot pink was single-handedly decided as the color for spring. While the occasions for which you might need an evening gown are limited, there's always a reason to pick up a more casual dress in THE color of the season. I've put together a list of six of my favorites ranging from daytime casual to cocktail. Happy shopping! 
Brittany Fuson, hot pink, spring trends, fashion illustration

February 22, 2019

Lilac Green

The forecast for spring is looking bright! One color combo I'm keeping my eyes on is lilac and a deep emerald green. It's fresh and perfect for the transitional months ahead. Another thing I've scoping out is sneaker trends, because let's face it, I LIVE in sneakers these days. I want an updated, clean, bright white pair that isn't as broken in as my go-to Golden Goose high-tops.
A trend I'm seeing emerge is velcro. I guess we're taking inspiration from the children's department, because velcro sneakers are now must! I've scoured the web for my favorites and will list them below. Grab a pair, wear them now, keep wearing them throughout the summer. One thing is certain... you don't have to deal with unruly shoestrings.
Brittany Fuson, spring 2019 trends, velcro sneakers, lilac, emerald green, pearl hair clip
Brittany Fuson, velcro sneakers, spring trends, fashion illustration

February 14, 2019

The Spring Collection

Brittany Fuson, new arrivals, spring collection, Orca, tumbler
The dark, dreary days of January and February have us craving brighter colors, warmer weather and the fresh blooms of spring. While we still have to endure a few more weeks of winter, we're springing forward without looking back. Our Spring Collection is surely the cure for those winter blues. It includes four new cup designs, a handful of new notecards, two new luggage tags, two new greeting cards (one specially for the graduate), and new gift tags. Basically, we have your spring occasions covered (think spring birthdays, Spring Break travel, Mother's Day, graduation, end of the year teacher gifts). 
Our large gift tags were such a hit at Christmas that we decided to introduce several year-round options. Grab a handful to keep on hand for those last minute gifts (tie one on a wine or champagne bottle and your gift instantly looks more thoughtful. They also work well tied on a gift bag). You'll thank us later! 
Brittany Fuson, new arrivals, spring collection, Orca, tumbler, large gift tags
We also have a sweet treat just for you... since it's the day we celebrate love, why not treat yourself? It sounds like a brilliant idea to us. We're going to sweeten the deal even more with an apparel and greeting card sale. Both categories have amazing deals that you don't want to miss including greeting cards as low as $1 and half-price sweatshirts. Stock up while you can! 
Happy Valentine's Day! 

May 10, 2018

Derby Hats

May is my absolute favorite month of the year. The weather isn't
smolderingly hot yet, the bugs aren't swarming around, there are so many fun gatherings, and it's the month of my birthday... so much to celebrate! Not to mention how gorgeously green everything is right now before it starts drying out over the summer. This month is only sweetened by fun horse racing events where hats are a must, and this year, the Royal Wedding where a great headpiece is what makes the outfit. Counting down the days to May 19th!

April 27, 2018


There are few things I love more than a good black & tan color
combo. It's simple, understated but bold at the same time, and a classic twist on color blocking. This dress embodies everything I love about black & tan...

April 25, 2018

Hunter Tory

At this point, I have yet to see a slide sandal that I don't like. I've already jumped on board and invested in the trend, so let's hope it has staying power! This pair from Tory Burch caught my eye immediately during her fashion show last September. I love the bright orange understated pattern, but my favorite part is the terry cloth material. Perfect for the pool! Pair them with an easy shirt dress and a fun bag and you've got a simple, comfortable but cute summer look. Don't forget the statement earrings! 
earrings: Baublebar  |  shirtdress: Net-a-Porter (similar version at Zara)  |
 bag: Hunter for Target  |  shoes: Tory Burch

April 24, 2018


While I've never been a huge yellow person, it is bringing me life right
now. Seriously, is there a happier color? It's brightening up the dreary, rainy April days making me long for summer. I love these tie-waist trousers paired with another trend of the season, polka dots. Get the look below...

April 12, 2018

Times Up

Nobody has been more of a warrior for women's rights lately
than Catt Sadler. She's been on the front lines of the Times Up movement, but is doing it with class and style. She sported this lovely lilac and black color blocked dress the other day while rallying the troops for equal pay. Go Catt go! 
Get the look:
2) wear this color blocked number and call it a day
4) pair all of the above with either this shoe or this one
5)  support other women! 

April 06, 2018

Polka Dots, pt. 2

With a new season comes a fresh dose of trends... there's something
new to try each day! We've already covered polka dots once here,
but it's a trend that deserves more attention...
When wearing pretty polkas, keep the color scheme monochromatic, 
don't be afraid to pair an oversized pattern with the mini dots, and throw
in a complimentary pattern like stripes for added interest. 
(also love this top)

(also love these polka dot pants: ONE | TWO | THREE )

(also love this dress)

(also love this jumpsuit)

(also love these earrings)

April 04, 2018

The Spring Collection

Fresh flowers are blooming, the grass is exceptionally green and the
temperatures are on the rise. It can only mean one thing... Spring is in the air! Which also means there's a new collection that just hit the website. There are a few new additions that you don't want to miss including three new greeting cards (my personal favorite being "Beth" who's sporting only of my favorite trends right now, the color lavender ), six new notecards (pictured above), and two new notepads that are simply perfect for your year-round list making! There's also a fresh playlist that will put you in the mood for an afternoon outside. 
There's also a fresh wave of encouragement waiting for you...
starting this month, an inspirational card will be included in the first 50 orders each month. It's an attempt to lift the mood and encourage each other to be more compassionate amidst the chaos of our world. We could all use a little encouragement or a push in the right direction to go the extra mile for someone else. Will you keep yours or give it to someone who needs to hear the monthly message more than you? Frame it, keep it, gift it... you decide! Remember, there's only 50 each month. My hope is that these monthly messages will reach all 50 states spreading hope-filled messages across the country. So, without further ado, meet our April message:

April 03, 2018


Is there anything prettier this time of year than all the blooming
flowers and trees? The allergy medicine is on standby, but it's so worth the extra sneezes, isn't it? 

March 28, 2018

Red Barnes

When Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied posted this look,
it made me stop in my tracks. A red cape-like piece that's casual enough to wear with jeans but could also be a real statement at a cocktail party when paired with something dressier. Gasp. I love it! 

March 22, 2018

Polka Dots

There are so many new trends emerging for Spring... when will the cold 
weather go away for good? One that I've been watching become more and
more prevalent is polka dots. They've been seen on every heavy-hitting 
influencer in their everyday looks and on the streets of Paris Fashion Week.
One that stood out to me was this look by Danielle of We Wore What. A
fresh take on spring dresses with an asymmetrical hemline, a fresh pattern of polka dots... consider this a must-try. 
Shop similar polka-dot dresses:

March 21, 2018

Gingham, take 2

Following up on yesterday's post with more love for the must-have print of the season, gingham. It immediately makes me think of southern springs and summers, but I think it's a classic and can be worn anywhere. I stumbled across this top and was immediately smitten. Think of it with a pair of cropped jeans.... perfect for spring!  
 I received a handful of questions about the pants in yesterday's post. The illustration itself is a few years old, so I located a few similar options and am listing them below. This pair from Banana Republic would be the closest alternative, but the other options are just as good! 
Gingham pants:

March 20, 2018


Spring is officially here! One thing that has made a major comeback
is the classic pattern gingham. Whether it's small and understated or oversized and a statement piece, throw in a splash of gingham this
spring for an updated look. 
Shop my favorite gingham pieces:
Left Column:
Right Column:

March 07, 2018


Spring is a few days away and one thing I can't wait to live in
is the color lavender. Not only does the color evoke a sense of calmness, the plant itself has the sweetest (and most relaxing) scent. It makes a nice contrast to colors like a punchy red (like these booties) or a deep emerald green (like this bag). Better yet, go for a mono- chromatic look (which is also a huge trend this season, use this runway look as inspiration). See some of my favorite pieces below. Just do us all a favor and do not do the lavender nails with a head to toe lavender look... it's just too much.