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June 12, 2018

Tumblers are here!

It's what you've been asking for. It's what I've been sourcing for just as long.
It's the day I've been planning for what seems like months...
I've dabbled in disposable cups in the past, but I always wanted to create
something reusable and more environmentally friendly. Whenever I leave
the house, I have some sort of water bottle or cup with me, so it was a natural
fit from the beginning. What took so long was finding the right source to create
them for me. The printing needed to be perfect. The cups needed to be stellar
quality, and I really wanted something produced in the US. Not only did I find
a source within the US, I found a company, Orca Coolers, that stands by their
products and prints them in my home state of Tennessee. So, from start to finish,
I'm ecstatic to say that our cups are designed and printed in TN!

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