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Brittany Fuson Blog
August 30, 2017

What to Wear... this fall

The weather completely tricked me into thinking fall was coming soon. 
We had a few days of more brisk temperatures followed by today which
has been hot and humid, the story of summer in the south. 

However, fall is near. It really is. Even if the temperatures stay warm, 
we can start transitioning our wardrobes by introducing booties paired
with lighter tops, sleeveless sweaters with shorts, sandals with a light
sweater. September is basically the month where anything goes. It's still
entirely too warm to bundle up in sweaters and boots, so go for more
lightweight options while scanning the September issues to see what trends 
are heading our way. 

One trend that is going to be making huge waves this fall is velvet. Whether
you wear a velvet tee, purchase a small handbag of the same material, or try
to find the perfect velvet heel (like this one or this one), it's going to be big. 
Pick your piece, but remember to stick to one velvet item per outfit. Make 
your look even more on-trend by making your velvet a deep, fall-inspired
floral. Shop my favorites below:

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR

shoes: Nordstrom

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