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October 30, 2019


It seems to me that the ultimate fall wardrobe consists of a hat, a chunky sweater and a comfy pair of booties. Thoughts? It has already become my uniform and we're only a few weeks in to the cooler temps. What's your go-to look?
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, fall style

October 23, 2019

Cheers to 10 years!

Brittany Fuson, anniversary, fashion illustration
It's official, we're 10 years old!
I can't believe it, but Brittany Fuson Paper has officially been a business for 10 years! What started as an experiment in 2009 (because what do you have to lose at the age of 22) has become more than I could have ever imagined and it's only because of YOU! I'm so grateful for each and every one of you, for each and every one of your purchases, for all of your support and feedback, and for being the fire behind this dream of mine. Like any small business, it hasn't always been easy but it sure has been fulfilling. 
The planning started in May of 2009 when I graduated from Alabama (Roll Tide), but the anniversary is marked as the date I received my first order. It was an order placed by Hot Pink, a store in my hometown that continues to be one of my biggest supporters (if you're in the area, be sure to stop by)! While we now sell to stores across the country, we're always looking to bring BFP to a store near you. Send us any recommendations you have! 
Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Brittany Fuson, anniversary, fashion illustratio

October 04, 2019

Red Mocha

Before our faithful Starbucks switches to red cups, they bust out the pumpkin spiced lattes. Are you a fan or is it a hard no for you? Truth be told, I've never had one, so I can't cast a vote. I like my coffee black and my lattes with a splash of either vanilla or hazelnut. The only way I like pumpkin is in a yummy loaf of bread.
This illustration was inspired by a combo of both, so her name became Red Mocha and you can grab a print of her here
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, red mocha

September 30, 2019

Early Fall

There's finally hope of cooler weather to come. It's been an unseasonably warm fall so far leaving me craving cozy sweaters even more! I'm ready for neutral tones, snake skin booties, hats, chunky sweaters, etc. 
Brittany Fuson, fall trends
entire look from Vici

September 17, 2019

2020 Planner

Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, 2020 planner, new arrivals
It's the product you wait for each year, the launch we spend months planning and the official kickoff for fall... the 2020 planner is finally here! We listened to your qualms about the hard-sided version we produced last year and have brought back our classic, lightweight version with a laminated cover that includes both a month-at-a-glance and a week-at-a-glance format. It's slim enough to fit in your purse and durable enough to stand the test of time. If you're somewhat old school like me and prefer writing everything down over digital calendars, this planner is for you! Plus, it's basically a catalogue of outfit ideas for the year. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, 2020 planner, new arrivals
While you're busy transferring important dates to your 2020 planner, keep your coffee warm in our new Orca tumbler (fall outfit goals). If that wasn't enough, we're also bringing this same illustration to notecards (available here). 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, Orca tumblers
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, fall trends, new arrivals
But wait there's more... we added a new luggage tag to the mix because your Away bag needs to stand out in the sea of black bags in baggage claim. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, luggage tags, travel
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, 2020 planner
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, 2020 planner, new arrivals
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, new arrivals, 2020 planner

September 09, 2019

Moving Announcement

This year has brought so much change in a good way. I recently moved... well it was two months ago, but I finally found the time to do what I've been wanting to do which is to send out a moving announcement! Just in time for people to start making their list of addresses for Christmas cards :)
Email me to chat about a custom moving announcement:
Brittany Fuson, custom moving announcement

September 06, 2019

School Days

School is back in session, and while I'm so grateful I don't have to go, I can't help but think about what it must be like for kids these days. Not to get too deep, but you hear about bullying (in person and on social media), and all I can say is thank goodness we didn't have social media when I was in school. I can only imagine the hurt that can be caused by the overexposed lifestyle / highlight reel that is instagram. 
Let's be kind to one another and encourage the young ones around us to do the same. Encourage them to speak to the kids they see as "weird" or "not cool" or "nerds" or whatever hurtful title kids use (and we also used when we were younger) to single out the people we were different from. Let's encourage them to be inclusive because if we've learned anything as we've gotten older it's that it's cool to be kind. Kindness goes much farther than rudeness. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, back to school

August 21, 2019

Book Club

I think I tried starting an online book club at one point and forgot about it soon thereafter. Let's face it, it's hard to carve out time to read! I'm not an audiobook person always gravitating more towards a classic hardback. It seems to come and go in waves where I'll read 4 books back to back and then won't touch another one for months on end. With celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon making a big deal of their respective book clubs, some of my friends and I decided to follow suite starting our own. Our first choice was The Whisper Network, a book found on Reese's list. My review of it would be generous: it's a great choice for a book club, it leads to good discussion, is very timely in terms of subject matter, and is a very quick read. I went to instagram asking for feedback on other good book-club-appropriate books and you made such great suggestions that I wanted to share them here. See the list below.
Brittany Fuson, book club, fashion illustration
this image is available on this wine tag
Book Club reads//
Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris
Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton
The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker
This Is Me by Chrissy Metz
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
The Woman in the Window by Cathryn Grant
The Girl From No. 6 by Vanessa Voth

August 19, 2019

It's wine o'clock somewhere


Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, hostess gift, wine tags


Book clubs, back to school parties, football tailgates, general life crises, everyday moments... there's so much to celebrate, toast to, and use as an excuse to open a bottle of wine! What's your reason? Our new wine tags are the perfect accessory to a hostess, housewarming, or birthday gift. Grab one of each to keep on hand for those last minute gatherings. We're also thrilled to introduce two new birthday greeting cards that are dressed in fall's latest and greatest. Outfit goals! 


Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, birthday cards

August 13, 2019

22 Random Acts

With the recent events in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH I was inspired and encouraged to follow the precedent set by an 11 yr. old boy by doing 22 random acts of kindness honoring the 22 victims. You can read more about the El Paso challenge here. We took the challenge to instagram asking for feedback on ideas of how to be kind to one another. The list of ideas provided by you was too good not to share. Hopefully it will encourage us to keep putting others before ourselves and to spread kindness. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, orchid, thinking of you
22 random acts of kindness: a list of ideas to get your wheels turning...
1) foster an animal from a local shelter
2) help an elderly person put groceries in the car
3) anonymously paying for the tab of someone else's meal
4) help a mother who has her hands full in the store
5) pay for the someone's coffee in the Starbuck's line
6) smile at people
7) say hi / good morning to strangers 
8) bringing coffee / treats to coworkers
9) going to a local park and giving the kids freeze-pops on a hot day
10) covering the tip of someone else's bill
11) helping a local school with teacher's gifts
12) buying someone in need a meal instead of handing over cash
13) send a thoughtful note
14) give a hug
15) pay for someone's gas 
16) taking old baby clothes (diapers, wipes, creams) to a local shelter
17) donating old clothes to a hospital
18) write a kind message on the sidewalk in chalk
19) give a stranger a compliment
20) donate old towels, sheets to a local shelter
21) babysit for a new mom that needs a break
22) let someone know you're thinking about them and that they matter :)
Pay it forward! 

August 07, 2019


Lately I've been color crushing on navy, in particular navy long sleeve dresses. It's that time of year where it's still very much summer, but you don't want to invest in another bright, summery dress for that occasion you have to attend. A long sleeve option is a sure win. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, best dressed guest
similar dress options here and here

August 05, 2019

Almond Milk

I have recently been in a very neutral mood. When this illustration came to life, it reminded me of coffee which led me down the path of wondering what everyone's coffee order is? How complicated do you make it on the barista? I'm curious...
Mine is one cup of black coffee in the morning, a cappuccino or almond milk latte when I travel.
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, almond milk, latte

July 31, 2019

One Dress Two Ways

When I saw this dress, I knew it would become one of those pieces that you could take day to night. Dress it down by day, make it a little fancier by night. Plus, it comes in other colors, so it's a win-win. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, one dress two ways

July 26, 2019

Leopard Skirts + T-shirts

There has been a summer trend emerging that I think we should unpack for a few minutes. Silky, flowy (preferably animal print) skirts paired with t-shirts and either a  cute sandal or sneaker... do you dare? 
I love the look, though it seems like a reach from my own personal (more laid back) style. However, I think it's adorable on other people. I think a leopard skirt would take you well into the fall, so it's probably a wise investment. Plus, I found one on Amazon for $12, yes I said $12. When the temps get cooler, I'd pair it with a chunk sweater and booties or sneakers. Shop my favorite leopard print skirts below:
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, trends, leopard

July 23, 2019


Sometimes you have to stick to classic black. A head to toe, form-fitting look is a sure way to look chic even if you don't feel it. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration

July 09, 2019


We've talked about how oversized nightgown-looking dresses are the key to summer dressing. When I saw this pajama-inspired romper I knew I had to share. It's a little vintage, a little modern and a whole lot of cool. If a pj romper isn't your thing, I'm also loving this lavender dress... it would be the perfect choice for a summer wedding!
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, pajama dressing

July 02, 2019

Get your priorities straight...

Brittany Fuson, priorities, sale, notepads, but first coffee
All good things must come to an end, right? With that in mind, we've decided to put a BFP classic on sale to make room for new designs. The Priorities notepads are going, going, (almost) gone! It's been one of your favorite designs for years, so I know you'll miss it. Have no fear... we are busy creating new designs that you are going to love just as much.

July 01, 2019


What is it about the oversized dresses that somewhat resemble nightgowns that I'm loving right now? They're completely unflattering, but for once, I don't care. Are you a fan?
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer

June 26, 2019


Continuing to play with scale...
An oversized bag or tote is something I've been living in and with for the summer. Between trying to move into a new house and office, juggling paint swatches, online orders and snacks... my bag is always full. I need a big bag! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer

June 24, 2019


The bigger the better seems to be the motto for summer when it comes to dresses and apparel. Volume by way of balloon sleeves, tons of flowy fabric, over-sized bags... are you getting the picture? 
I've been stalking this yellow dress from Target for weeks (like checking the website everyday kind of stalking). Finally, one day last week, they had my size and I snagged it as fast as I could. Much to my disappointment, it's sold out again... I wanted to be the bearer of great news so you could all grab one, too! Since it is sold out, I scoured the web looking for a suitable alternative and have come up with a handful of options. The tiered look is trending right now, so I would consider jumping on board. Do you dig it or hate it?
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer style
Brittany Fuson, tiered dresses
Brittany Fuson, tiered dresses

June 18, 2019


I know they're not as popular to the masses, but black and white illustrations will always be my favorite. I love the simplicity paired with a pop of color. This illustration is no exception and is a very accurate of my everyday look...
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, graphic tee
Get the bold, graphic tee look with one of the choices below:
Brittany Fuson, graphic tees
Brittany Fuson, graphic tee
Brittany Fuson, graphic tee

June 13, 2019

Custom Notecards V + S

A lot of the requests I've been receiving lately are for custom notecards, a personalized set that the client can use for their daily correspondence. I love collaborating with each client nailing down the details from the outfit to the additional elements we include. These are two of our recent projects:
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, custom notecards
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, custom notecards
Email me if you're interested in chatting about a custom project:

June 11, 2019


I love returning to a simple black & white illustration with a pop of color. Plus, with my slightly shorter hair, I'm really missing my high-pony. It was my go-to during the humid months of summer. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, high pony, bow earrings

June 06, 2019


A straw visor, do or don't? Hear me out...
I was recently at the beach (30A to be exact) and there was a super fashionable older lady who had the chicest hat on. I asked her where I could find one to which she replied that she purchased it at a golf tournament. Now, the hat wasn't a visor... it was as if a baseball hat and a conductor hat combined to form this fabulous hat. It was straw/rattan and I started googling immediately trying to find one to no avail. I have literally googled every variation of hat I could think of still coming up empty handed. The closest thing I could find was a straw visor, which is why we are here. What do we think of straw visors for summer? I think they can be chic when worn properly, but I'm open to your thoughts before purchasing. I'm listing some options below... see what you think! 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer, slides, tumblers, straw

June 04, 2019

Flower Child

What is it about summer that makes lightweight dresses your go-to? They're easy, comfortable, and the perfect choice for warmer days. 
Brittany Fuson, fashion illustration, summer dressing