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March 10, 2016

Squad Goals

Because everything is better when you have your #squad with you...

March 09, 2016

Brittany Fuson x Daniel Wellington

Catherine Truman Photography  |  phone cases available here

I'm thrilled to team up with Daniel Wellington for today's post. As a collector of watches, I have been wanting a classic DW for quite some time. It has a "I'm wearing my boyfriend's watch" feel (or dad - I've "borrowed" a few watches from dear old dad). It's effortless and needs no further introduction. 
You've seen it on every blogger around. It is being called "the hottest watch of 2016" and I couldn't agree more. BUT, here's where it gets good: we've got an exclusive discount code for you. So, if you've been wanting one for yourself or are looking for the perfect gift (for him or her), look no further.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

1. Head to

2. Pick your watch (I'm wearing the Classic Sheffield 40mm)

3. Enter code BRITTANYFUSON in the checkout process to receive 15% off your watch!
The code is valid through April 30th, so think in advance 
(Father's Day is right around the corner and so is graduation, etc).  

March 08, 2016

Book Club: February in review

Who did their homework? Who read along with me?

Let me start with this: I picked Z because The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. I had to read it in high school, but I've since re-read it (twice) and seen both versions of the movie. I've long had a fascination with the '20s, flappers, and everything that time period represented. Change the setting to Paris in the 1920's and you've got my attention.

Here's what I liked about the book:

The chapters are short so it's easy to pick up for a few minutes with a clear stopping point. The writing is quick, witty and easy to understand. I found myself getting a little lost in the long list of supporting characters and the numerous characters named "Sara", but overall it was everything I had hoped it to be with quite the somber ending.

I became even more fascinated with the Fitzgerald's story. While I'm sure it's exaggerated in parts, to imagine living the way they actually did - my liver would've quit by age 28. I had a hard time getting into the story, but once I was about half-way through, I couldn't put it down. The downward spiral of not only their lives but also their careers proved to be more fascinating than the blissful romance in Part 1.

What did you think? What were your favorite parts?

If you loved Z, try reading:
The Great Gatsby and/or The Paris Wife

Also, try watching:

I feel like this group of ladies should be the patron saints of books clubs worldwide. I imagine them sitting around the table playing Bridge, drinking wine, talking about books and sudoku. I hope to be as cool as them one day....

We're switching gears in a big way this month. Since most will be traveling for Spring Break (or just a quick Spring get-away), I've picked two options that both make great beach reads.


I'm about a year late in picking up a copy of #GirlBoss and can't wait for a kick of motivation. If that doesn't strike your fancy, I'm also tackling Me Before You (not only have I heard great things about it, but have you seen the movie trailer? I'm already hooked). Pick up one or both and read along with me this month!

Also, leave a comment below of your favorite reads and ideas for next month's book club.

March 07, 2016

Lou Lou

The best cure for the Monday blues?? A red sole...

March 04, 2016


You've heard me say it before, and I'll say it again... 
Every now and then there's a design that just doesn't work. The proportions are off, the wind direction is off, the legs look weird, I could go on and on. This is one of those designs. She was really really cute in my head, but it simply didn't translate on paper. Not to worry - she has been replaced by a  much cuter version of herself! The new collection is launching very very soon and I can't wait to share it with you! 
In the meantime, RIP Ms. Milan...

March 03, 2016


I'm thrilled to share a custom project I did for Tiffany of Blog Called Jacq. We created this illustration from one of her favorite photos taken with her beloved pooch...
If you don't follow her, you should. 

March 02, 2016


A custom baby announcement for the cutest couple....
Congrats to these two! 

March 01, 2016


When I saw this dress, I kind of fell in love. How sweet is it? Perfect for a wedding or something else that requires cocktail attire this time of year. Plus, it's very reminiscent of Chrissy Teigen's Oscar gown
dress: Revolve  |  shoes: Revolve

February 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

Did you watch? 
It's a night I look forward to every year. I'm always on the edge of my seat to see who's wearing what.   The cute couple moments on the carpet, the awkward acceptance speeches, the instant updates on instagram - it's a night that makes me stay attune to all social channels, a night where DVR serves us no purpose because the show inevitably goes two hours longer than expected. 

Major Red Carpet Highlights:
Seeing Leo & Kate pose together. My Titanic-loving heart completely exploded. Best Ensemble Cast? Jacob Tremblay & Co. How adorable is he and how perfect is his family? I'm rooting for a Tremblay reality show. 

Who Wore What:
I was a bit surprised by Alicia Vikander's bold, bubble-hemmed yellow dress. She looked youthful and like a true princess in custom Louis Vuitton, though it wouldn't have been my first choice (I couldn't agree more with the major Disney vibes from this post). I actually preferred her sleek black sequined dress for the afterparties... work that Oscar, girl
Though she's often in the background, I was smitten with Eddie Redmayne's precious pregnant wife's black number with gold details. 
On the mom-to-be note, I can't get enough of Chrissy Teigen's pregnancy style. She's making the bump the best new accessory. She looked ravishing in a red lace Marchesa gown and a perfectly messy braid (see a better angle of the hair here). 
I've had a longtime girl crush on Margot Robbie that dates back to when Pan Am was on the air. It was a short-lived show, but she caught my attention then and I've been tuned in to what she's doing ever since. She stunned in black last year, but it was a breath-taking gold sequined dress by Tom Ford that stole the show this year. 
And then there were the girls in green, Saoirse Ronan and Rachel McAdams. Both looked stunning in this deep jewel tone with perfect hair to complete the look (also, thanks to @shawnjohnson for this post).

Best Dressed:
Yes, JLaw looked stunning in her black lace Dior (I love that it was so different from everything she's worn this season), and Olivia Munn was sleek and stunning in Stella McCartney, BUT it comes down to two. Two that made my jaw drop. Two that I literally said, "oh wow" to when I saw the photos. Sleek, simple, effortless and completely flawless in every way. 
Charlize Theron returns to the red carpet in red Dior, slaying it every step of the way. Red done right. 

Lady Gaga stuns in a pant suit (is that what we're calling it?) by Brandon Maxwell. I mean... the head-to-toe look is perfection.

Top Trends:

The hair: if it wasn't a braid (like Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway at the Vanity Fair after party) then it was loose and unkempt (Margot Robbie - seriously, how stunning is she? Naomi Watts, Alicia Vikander, Saoirse Ronan all worked the look). Others went sleek and straight with a fresh blowout like JLaw and Reese Witherspoon, or a really tight bun (Rooney Mara, Charlize Theron, Rachel McAdams all sported this one).

The dresses: at the afterparties, plunging necklines and a high split seemed to be the trend of the night (Taylor Swift, Rachel McAdams dress #2, Jessica Alba. And SEQUINS. A plethora of sequins as seen on many of the lovely ladies listed above (even Chrisy Teigen opted for a black sequined dress to end the night).

We'll end with this because Justin & Jessica are everything. And this...

Who were your best dressed? What were your favorite moments?

February 26, 2016

This is Joy

I'm ending with the single nominated movie I have seen, and it was a good one. Ok, correction, the movie itself isn't nominated for Best Picture, but JLaw is a safe bet for the Best Actress category for her role as Joy Mangano in Joy.

Here's what I know:

It's based on the true story of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur. Have you heard of the Miracle Mop? Yea, she made that. She designed it, created it, sold it, etc. Her story is truly incredible making the movie truly weird in a good way. It's one of those quirky movies that makes you laugh when you feel like you should be crying - you get the gist. I thought it was inspiring and would highly recommend it. In the end, nothing comes easy and hard work pays off.

AND, you know those skinny little black velvet hangers that are everything? She made those, too. Huggable Hangers will change your life if you're not already a user. They can (fortunately and unfortunately) double your closet space because they're so slim. The best part is your clothes don't slip off - the velvet holds everything in place.

Watch the movie trailer here  || Shop all of Joy's products here
shirt: J.Crew  |  skirt: J.Crew  |  shoes: J.Crew
Be sure to follow along Sunday for live illustrating from yours truly! 

February 25, 2016

This is The Martian

A comedy? A drama? Sci-fi? Nobody seems to know... this is The Martian.

Here's what I know:

Not much, honestly. I know Matt Damon is in it. He gets stranded on Mars, and the big mystery is "will he make it home?" Not having seen it, I'm not sure if he makes it home or not. Adding this one to my must-watch list.

Watch the movie trailer here

What I do know is this girl is like, this martian helmut is going to mess up my hair...
coat: Moncler  |  boots: Stuart Weitzman

February 24, 2016

This is Brooklyn

Again, I haven't seen this one either. However, this is Brooklyn.

Here's what I know:

It's about a young girl that immigrates to Brooklyn, NY. My guess is that she falls in love with an American, and the rest is history! It's one of those Sundance movies, so I'm adding it to my list thought those usually aren't my cup of tea. I'll report back when I've seen it.

Watch the movie trailer here.

February 23, 2016

This is The Big Short

Ok, so this is one I actually haven't seen but definitely want to. Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling in the same movie? Count me in... this is The Big Short.

Here's what I know:
It's about money, finance, the housing crash, etc. etc. It's actually one I want to see, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Watch the movie trailer here.

On another note, this is actually a custom illustration I did for an accounting client. I think it turned out so cute - crunching numbers never looked so comfortably chic.

February 22, 2016

This is The Revenant

Guess what this week is?

O S C A R   W E E K

One of my favorite parts of the Academy Awards is when they briefly describe a nominated film followed by a clip of it. It's always so awkward, but they always end with "this is...(insert movie title here)". So, in honor of Sunday's awards, let me help you break down the movies you might have missed. Let's start with The Revenant.

Here's what I know:

Leo is in it and he's a shoo-in for Best Actor (finally, he'll win his very first Oscar). There's a scene where he fights a bear, a scene where he eats a live fish, it looks like he's on a horse at one point and they go off a massive cliff. I don't know. The whole thing looks above my head, but the cinematography is on point. Truth time, though, I haven't actually seen it. I was saving this one for Netflix.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Here's my take on it. A chic jumpsuit with a grizzly bear hat....
jumpsuit: ASOS  |  hat: Amazon

February 19, 2016

Draper James

When Reese Witherspoon announced her first brick & mortar store in (my and) her hometown of Nashville, this town turned upside down in excitement. Draper James is southern to its core with playful patterns, bright punches of color, simple silhouettes - and that's just the clothes. The store itself is truly a sight to see. I would move in at the drop of a hat. It's beautiful, light & airy but also homey. If you're ever in the area, you must stop by for a visit (take a photo tour of the store here). They just opened a Sprinkles next-door, so grab a cupcake on your way out! 
I am majorly crushing on this print that Draper James posted it on instagram. It's a sign that spring is near! It's available in a romper, a blouse, and a skirt. Dare I say it, I think the romper is such a great (and somewhat unexpected) choice for a summer wedding. 
romper: Draper James  |  earrings: Draper James

February 18, 2016

Brittany Fuson x Monkee's

I recently had the privilege of working with the Monkee's team to develop images to commemorate their 20th anniversary. Twenty years in the retail business is quite the feat, especially in this day and age. Congrats to the Monkee's franchise!

It was a pleasure of working with them on these illustrations. They even created a book to celebrate the occasion and guess who the cover girl is? 
And now the illustrations... we created the artwork in layers giving them the flexibility to add or remove the store-front background. 

February 17, 2016


Fashion Week is here (or has been here for a few days) and it's flying by. I haven't even had a chance to pour over the images from the latest collections to pick out my favorite emerging trends. Stay tuned... hopefully I'll find time over the next week to see what's going to be huge for Fall 2016. In the meantime, I teamed up with blogger Yael Steren to showcase her first look of NYFW. 

February 16, 2016


If Taylor Swift didn't kill it last night at the Grammy's..... I mean.... A crop top and basically no pants? Somehow, she made it work and made it look easy. 

February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

dress: RED Valentino  |  shoes: Via Spiga

February 12, 2016

Custom Cookbook Cover

Talk about a true vintage piece, this illustration is from several years ago. It was for a friend who was throwing together her favorite recipes as a gift for her family & friends. I was happy to receive one of their custom cookbooks, and now it serves as a resource and a commemorative piece. 

February 11, 2016


Feels like a good day for some quiet time and a little yoga...
Don't forget to take advantage of the PRINT SALE
only a couple days left to get them at half price. 

February 10, 2016

Katie LaFrance

A custom illustration for a young tennis pro, Katie LaFrance.  That hair though... 

February 09, 2016


I could not love this illustration more! It was a last minute decision to include the dog, their King Leo, and he totally makes the illustration if you ask me. 

February 08, 2016

Book Club: February

I go through phases where I'll read ten books in a row and then won't pick up another one for months. I think it's good for the brain, and there are so many books I want to read. So, I'm enlisting you to hold me accountable by starting a book club. Yay! Who's with me?

I'm starting with a book I've had on my nightstand for about 6 months, Z. I'll admit that while I'm usually a quick reader, I started this one in January and still haven't gotten very far (taxes have gotten in the way). Join me as we read it over the next month! My goal is to finish by the end of February before picking up another book.

Comment below with suggestions on what I should read next. I'd love your feedback! Also, here's what else is on my nightstand - great reads for the month of February...

February 05, 2016

Go Red for Women

It's National Wear Red Day, so throw on a pop of red to show your support for this amazing cause. Learn more about Go Red for Women here.
I saw this dress on one of my favorite boutique owners turned bloggers, @briconley. The dress is available at her store, @no14boutique but I've linked similar red options below. 
similar dress: Boutique Moschino  |  shoes: Ivanka Trump
Shop some of my favorite little red dresses below: